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Thread: Can anybody get me a Melo??

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    Can anybody get me a Melo??

    I'd really like a Melo card for my cc!!
    LMK if anyone can do me a favor and do this!!

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    OK,what brand,and year!!
    Also is he in an SU uniform??
    Doesn't matter what uni he's in just wanna know!

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    Never mind found it on your site,and know exactly what it is!!
    I'll take it!!
    How much cc??

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    ive got this

    03-04 Top Prospects Mentors and Learners w/MJ BV $8

    id sell it for 100 CC?

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    I'm interested but I have to buy kobefan's first!!
    Then my remaining cc can go to you!!

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    im sorry, someone else took it for my asking price...

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