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    Cool game used fortrade for football

    i will not name yr and make of card in list but if interested in any card just list name in responce and i will get back to you.
    ivan rodriugez g/u bat
    ruben riviera g/u bat
    wilfredo rodriguez auto
    frank thomas g/u bat
    manny ramerez g/u bat
    erubiel durazo g/u bat
    tony gwynn g/u bat
    alex rodriguez g/u jersey
    griffey jr g/u jersey
    rollie fingers g/u jersey
    willie mccovey g/u jersey
    nolan ryan and roger clemens dual card g/u jersey
    darin ersta d auto
    darin ersatd g/u jersey

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    Hey, I'm interested in Nolan Ryan/Roger Clemens dual GU jersey....What brand and what's the BV....I still have the Unitas auto up for trade....let me know...Thanks

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    bv 60.00
    2001 ud authentic memobralia card # cj-rc

    by the way you were the winner for. the free card.
    check ur pms

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    i like ur nolan/clemens dual lmk if u like any football from me

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