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    Jiggy..........Netminder Supreme

    J.S is putting on one of the best goaltending performances in history!

    Jiggy v/s Brodeur should be one for the ages! I'm stoked.

    Could rival the single best game i've seen: Roy v/s Hasek 1-0 sudden death shoot-out (think it was olymp.?)
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    I hate hockey, can't follow the stupid puck, but these guys looks liek it doesn't matter as they will stop all the freaking goals.

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    I've actually had my eye on this a bit. I'm definitely not expecting any high scoring affairs!

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    Originally posted by stkmtimo
    The Devils will win and Brodeur will reign!

    tim you just wait until your buddy podstock read this.

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    GI --- lolol.

    We'll have to wait until the Ducks see who they're gonna play.

    Then we can talk.

    Methinks the Mighty Ducks have that Cinderella story going all the way into the Stanley Cup

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