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    Long list of Game Used and Autos to Trade!

    Hi all it is time for my new trade list to be posted so here it is:
    My Want list is on the bottom.

    High End Stuff!

    2002 Fleer Genuine Vick(black)/Farve(white with what looks like medical tape on it-very unique) bv $50

    2003 Upper Deck Honor Roll Deans List:

    #DL-SC GOLD Carson Palmer serial numbered 04/25! (black jersey) bv-unlisted due to scarcity I want $50+ in trade depending on how badly I want it.

    #DL-BL SILVER Byron Leftwich serial numbered 167/200 (white jersey with seam) $40

    2003 Fleer Mystique Rare Finds Autographed and Game Used Plaxico Burress serial numbered 29/50 card #RFGA-PB (white jersey) unpriced due to scarcity but the Auto alone books for $40

    I will ONLY trade those first three cards for Elway or Carr (rookie year only) game used or autos.
    The Burress I will listen to all offers on.

    Regular Stuff:

    Fleer Hot Prospects
    Peyton Manning TD Fever (goal post cover card blue) bv $25

    Upper Deck
    Classic Drafts Brian Griese #BG-CD (blue) $20

    Fleer Genuine:
    TD Threats:
    LaDainian Tomlinson(blue)/Fred Taylor(teal) $12

    Genuine Articles:
    Warren Sapp (red) #GA-WS $10
    Jeff Garcia (red) #GA-JG $10
    Junior Seau (blue) #GA-JS $10
    Santana Moss (green) #GA-SM serial# 363/500 $10
    Stephen Davis (white) serial# 052/500 $10
    Drew Brees (blue) serial#234/500 $14

    Honor Roll
    Up and Comming Drew Brees #UC-BR (white) $12

    Pacific Adrenaline:
    #18 Mark Brunell (black) $10

    Fleer Flair:
    Jersey Heights Doug Flutie (blue) $12

    Fleer Showcase:
    Footballs Best Plaxico Burress (version with yellow/black/and white on it-look like it came off the sleeve of the jersey really sweet) bv $15 but I want $25 in trade since it is such a nice card. Rare too I am sure.

    Fabric of the Future:
    Andre Johnson (blue) #FA-AJ $20
    Signs of the Future:
    Teyo Johnson #SF-TJ $15

    Fleer Mystique

    Shinning Stars Tom Brady (blue) serial #121/250 SS- TB $15

    Rare Finds Gannon(none)/Bledsoe(white)/Manning(white with blue spot) serial #151/250 RFD-DB/PM $20

    Awe Pairs Brees(blue)/Tomlinson(blue) AP-DB/LT serial #001/199 $15

    Upper Deck
    Zach Thomas (white) #GJ-ZT $12

    Honor Roll
    Donovan McNabb #DL-MC (green) $15
    Kyle Boller #DL-BO (purple) $20
    Corey Simon #DL-SI (green) $6
    Kevin Ware #DL-KW (blue) $6
    Chris Samuels #DL-CS (red) $6
    Marty Booker #DL-MB (blue) $6
    Josh Booty #DL-JB (brown) $6

    Playoff Hogg Heaven
    Rookie Premier Bethel Johnson (blue) serial # 696/750 card#209 $8

    Topps Finest
    Kliff Kingsbury Auto serial# 424/999 $??
    Jeremy Shockey (blue) card# 107 $??

    Fleer Avant
    Jeff Garcia serial# 262/300 (red with seam) card# WG-JG $??

    Fleer Flair
    Sunday Showdown Gannon (black)/Brees(none) serial# 463/500
    card# SS-RG $10

    I am mainly looking for the things in my signiture but I also might be interested in Game Used and Autos of:

    Email me at


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    Sorry forgot to put what I wanted Fleer Flair:
    Jersey Heights Doug Flutie (blue) $12

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    I'm interested in these-

    03 UD Honor Roll McNabb jersey BV$15
    03 UD Honor Roll Corey Simon jersey BV$6

    I know this isn't on your wants but wanted to ask anyway-
    02 UD Rookie futures jersey William Green BV$25...Let me know if you'd be interested in this....Thanks

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    Rare Finds Gannon(none)/Bledsoe(white)/Manning(white with blue spot) serial #151/250 RFD-DB/PM $20
    is the Manning jersey a patch or a stain or what is the blue spot? could you maybe get a scan for me?
    i have a 2002 Leaf Certified Bat Card of 2003 AL rookie of the year Angel Berroa #/150. Berroa is a Royal. im not sure of the book value. PLMK!

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    hey - i need these:

    2003 bowman andre johnson jsy
    2003 bowman teyo johnson auto

    and maybe:

    03 finest kliff kingsbury auto


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    2002 Fleer Genuine Vick(black)/Farve(white with what looks like medical tape on it-very unique) bv $50
    Would like this card, please check site below, PM me if you don't find anything and i'll give you a list of my auto's and higher end cards.

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    cincysoccer15 and brandinboggs-
    Not interested in any card cash thanks though.

    neil07carrier-I can get you a picture, I am not sure that it will really help though. It is really just like a dot of blue behind the actual jersey very odd. I will email you a pic if you will send me your email address.

    Thanks for the offer, and it is tempting I just am not that big a William Green fan. If you have any other GU you would be willing to trade I would be happy to take a look.

    Hemi711-PMed you!

    Didn't see anything that really caught my attention. I would be happy to check any other lists you have though.
    just email or PM them to me.

    Thanks everyone for your interest so far!!

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