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    Confessions of the SPORTSCARDFORUM MB: What should you be bashed for?

    This Holiday season.... we should all confess to something we should be bashed for ... and be thankful for a SPORTSCARDFORUM full of enough tough love that we get the bashing we deserve.

    I'll start off: Sometimes I buy those variety packs (the $9.99 and $19.99 variety). I just tossed the last one I bought in the rubbish because I was tired of sorting cards and the cards basically stunk anyway.

    I realize this is a major infraction against the Card Collecting Hobby Continuim. I put myself at your mercy..... be gentle.

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    that's nothing to be bashed for.

    Hobby cards are for fun, and when it's not fun, then you can do what you wish with the cards.

    Nowadays, there's millions of cards produced of any one player, so throwing away cards here and there won't have much effect.

    now, if you had a Micky Mantle RC and purposely threw that in the trash, then it's a different matter

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