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    Post Cards for sale---- all must go!

    Everything below is for sale. I really need the money right now. Please make an offer for what you want. NO CARDCASH. Please don't ask for a price, like I said make an offer. Thanks
    **HTG means hard to get. It would have to be a great offer to get that card from me.
    **A number in ( ) means more than one of the particular card is available.
    **All prices were found from or the August 2003 Issues of Beckett magazine.
    1. Baseball
    *High End ($5+)
    *Commons (Under $5)
    2. Basketball
    *High End ($5+) (w/gu)
    *Nice ($1-$5)
    3. Football
    *High End ($5+)
    *Nice ($1-$5)
    4. Racing
    *High End ($5+)
    *Commons (Under $5)
    5. Hockey
    6. Miscellaneous

    *2003 Bowman Uncirculated Silver Joey Gomes Bv=$8.00
    *2003 Topps Franklin Gutierrez RC BV=$2.00
    *2002 Donruss Fan Club Ben Howard RC BV=$2.00
    *2002 Donruss Fan Club Josh Beckett RC BV=$2.00
    *2002 Donruss Originals Mike Crudale RC BV=$0.60
    *2002 Donruss Studio Alfredo Amezaga RC BV=$0.50
    *2002 Donruss Studio Bill Hall RC BV=$0.50
    *2002 Donruss Studio Juan Pena RC BV=$0.50
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Chone Figgins BV=$1.00
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Michael Frick BV=$1.25
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Joey Hammond BV=$1.00
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Joe Rogers BV=$1.00
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Manny Delcarmen BV=$1.25
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Juan Gonzalez BV=$1.00
    *2002 Topps Traded Pros. Gold /2001 Brandon Phillips BV=$2.50
    *2002 Topps 206 So Taguchi RC BV=$0.75
    *2002 Topps 206 Marlon Byrd RC BV=$0.75
    *2002 Topps 206 Hank Blalock RC BV=$1.25
    *2002 Topps 206 Chin-Hui Tsao RC BV=$0.50
    *2002 Ultra Juan Diaz RC BV=$3.00
    *2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Brad Voyles RC BV=$3.00
    *2001 Topps Reserve Phil Wilson RC BV=$8.00
    *1999 Omega Gil Meche RC BV=$0.50
    *1998 Pinnacle Inside Brett Tomko RC BV=$0.40
    *1998 Pinnacle Inside Jeremi Gonzalez RC BV=$0.40
    *1998 Pinnacle Plus Jeff Abbott RC BV=$0.25
    *1995 Pinnacle Mirror Gold Charles Johnson RC BV=$5.00
    High End:
    *2003 Donruss Classics Barry Bonds BV=$5.00 (x2)
    *2003 Heritage Then And Now Barry Bonds/Willie Mays TN7 BV=$5.00
    *2002 Bowmans Best Barry Bonds BV=$5.00
    *2002 Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Musial/Reese BV=$10.00
    *2002 Fleer Platinum Cornerstones Boggs/Brett BV=$12.00
    *2002 Leaf Certified Barry Bonds BV=$6.00 (x2)
    *2002 Playoff Pieces of the Game Barry Bonds BV=$5.00
    *2002 Upper Deck Ovation Silver Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$5.00
    *2001 Donruss Kevin Brown Artists BV=$5.00
    *2001 Fleer Legacy Barry Bonds BV=$6.00
    *2001 SP Game Used Barry Bonds BV=$8.00
    *2001 Topps Traded Barry Bonds 1986 RC Reprint BV=$5.00
    *2001 Upper Deck Hall of Fame Gallery Mickey Mantle BV=$8.00
    *Todd Helton Checklist (Throwbacks Inserts). No year, brand, etc. BV=Unknown
    *Cal Ripken Pro Magnets BV=Unknown
    *1909-11 T206 of Mike Powers (Walter Johnsonís catcher) Sweet Cap. 150 Overprint Fair Condition BV=??? (HTG)
    *2003 Flair Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2003 Fleer Authentics Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x3)
    *2003 Fleer Patchworks Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
    *2003 Fleer Showcase Barry Bonds BV=$3.00 (x3)
    *2003 Donruss Studio Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2003 Prestige Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2003 SP Authentic Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x4)
    *2003 Topps Chrome Austin Kearns Refractor /699 BV=$4.00 (HTG)
    *2003 Topps Chrome Raul Ibanez Refractor /699 BV=$2.50
    *2003 UD MVP Barry Bonds BV=$1.25 (x2)
    *2003 Upper Deck Patch Collection Barry Bonds BV=$3.00 (x2)
    *2002 Donruss Elite Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x2)
    *2002 Donruss Fan Club Bret Boone Die Cut BV=$1.25
    *2002 Donruss Fan Club Adam Dunn BV=$0.50
    *2002 Donruss Studio Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2002 Donruss Studio Spirit of the Game Carlos Lee BV=$2.50
    *2002 Fleer Focus International Diamond Company Jore Posada BV=$2.00
    *2002 Fleer Focus International Diamond Company Kazuhiro Sasaki BV=$2.00
    *2002 Fleer Showcase Baseballís Best Pat Burrell BV=$2.00
    *2002 Fleer Fall Classic All Time Series Team Munson/Bench BV=$1.25
    *2002 Fleer Fall Classic All Time Series Team Stargell/Musial/Martin BV=$1.25
    *2002 SP Authentic Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x3)
    *2002 Showcase Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2002 Topps Chrome Gene Woodling Reprint BV=$4.00
    *2002 Topps Total Todd Helton BV=$1.25
    *2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds #238 bat variation BV=$3.00 (x9)
    *2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds #238 batting golve variation BV=$3.00 (x8)
    *2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds #238 portrait variation BV=$3.00 (x4)
    *2002 Topps 206 Barry Bonds Team 206 T206-8 BV=$2.50 (x11)
    *2002 Upper Deck Barry Bonds BV=$0.75
    *2002 Upper Deck Miguel Tejada WS BV=$0.30
    *2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection Barry Bonds BV=$2.50
    *2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Future Heroes Sean Burroughs BV=$4.00
    *2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Future Heroes Phil Nevin BV=$4.00
    *2002 Upper Deck World Series Heroes Future Heroes Ivan Rodriguez BV=$4.00
    *2002 Upper Deck Authentics Flashbacks Jose Canseco /4225 BV=$4.00
    *2002 Upper Deck Ovation Mark McGwire BV=$1.25 (2)
    *2002 Upper Deck Ovation Frank Thomas Silver BV=$2.00
    *2002 Upper Deck Ovation Jason Giambi BV=$0.50
    *2002 Upper Deck Ovation Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$0.75
    *2002 Upper Deck POH Larry Walker Batting Champ BV=$3.00
    *2001 Bowman Chrome Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2001 Fleer Game Time Nomar Garciaparra BV=$2.00
    *2001 Fleer Game Time Ken Griffey Jr. BV=$1.50
    *2001 Fleer Ultra Luis Gonzalez Hitting Machines BV=$2.50
    *2001 Fleer Platinum Barry Bonds TL BV=$1.00
    *2001 SPX Barry Bonds BV=$3.00
    *2001 Topps Barry Bonds BV=$0.50 (x2)
    *2001 Upper Deck Breakout Performance Tsuyoshi Shinjo BV=$1.50
    *2001 Upper Deck Big Fly Zone Carlos Delgado BV=$1.50
    *2001 Upper Deck Evolution Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
    *2001 Upper Deck Legends Barry Bonds BV=$2.00
    *2001 Upper Deck Pros and Prospects Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x2)
    *2001 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Barry Bonds BV=$2.50 (x2)
    *2000 Aurora Tony Gwynn BV=$1.25
    *2000 Pacific Decades Best Hideo Nomo BV=$3.00
    *2000 Topps League Leaders Randy Johnson BV=$0.30
    *2000 Upper Deck MVP Barry Bonds BV=$1.25 (x2)
    *2000 Upper Deck MVP Scouts Choice Nick Johnson BV=$1.00
    *2000 Upper Deck MVP Draw Your Own Card Mark McGwire BV=$2.50
    *2000 Upper Deck Ovation Jim Thome BV=$1.00
    *2000 Upper Deck Ovation Pedro Martinez BV=$1.00
    *2000 Upper Deck Ovation Diamond Futures Alfonso Soriano BV=$4.00
    *1998 Donruss Studio Gold Proof David Dellucci BV=$4.00
    *1998 Donruss Mark McGwire BV=$1.50
    *1998 Pinnacle Naturals Roger Clemens BV=$0.60 (2)
    *1998 Score Cal Ripken CL BV=$0.75
    *1998 Score Cal Ripken Interleague Moments BV=$0.75
    *1998 Studio Proofs Sliver Jason Varitek BV=$2.00
    *1997 Pinnacle Peak Performers Mike Piazza BV=$0.50
    *1991 Fleer Mo Vaughn BV=$0.20
    *1990 Topps Fred Lynn BV=$0.05

    *2001 Sage Hit Fotsis Rarefield Gold /500 BV=$1.50
    *2001 Sage Hit Joseph Forte RC BV=$1.25
    *2001 Sage Andre Hutson RC BV=$0.60
    *2001 Sage Hit Brendan Haywood RC BV=$1.25
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Donell Harvey SP RC BV=$1.00
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Jerome Moiso SP RC BV=$1.00
    *1999/00 Skybox Premium Quincy Lewis RC BV=$0.30
    *1998/99 Black Diamond RC Robert Traylor BV=$1.25
    *1998/99 Upper Deck Kelvin Cato RD1 BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Upper Deck Danny Fortson RD1 BV=$0.75
    *1997/98 Fleer RC Ron Mercer BV=$0.60
    *1997/98 Stadium Club NBA Draft RC Bobby Jackson BV=$1.00
    *1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Juwan Howard BV=$1.50
    *1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Aaron Mckie BV=$1.50
    *1994/95 SP Premier Prospects Foil RC Brian Grant BV=$2.00
    *1993/94 Fleer Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60 (x16)
    *1993/94 Hoops Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60 (x16)
    *1993/94 Hoops Jamal Mashburn RC GOLD BV=$1.25
    *1993/94 Skybox Premium Mashburn/Jones RC BV=$0.30 (x43)
    *1993/94 Skybox Premium Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x7)
    *1993/94 Topps Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.60
    *1993/94 Topps Stadium Club Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$1.00 (x16)
    *1993/94 Ultra Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x2)
    *1993/94 Upper Deck Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75
    *1993/94 Upper Deck SE #167 Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.75 (x9)
    *1993/94 Upper Deck SE Jamal Mashburn RC BV=$0.30 (x5)
    High End:
    *1998/99 Upper Deck Game Dated Anfernee Hardaway 2-8-98 BV=Unpriced
    *2000/01 Finest Moments Refractors Toni Kukoc BV=$1.25
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Patrick Ewing BV=$1.00
    *2000/01 Ultimate Victory Lamar Odom Reel World BV=$1.25
    *2000/01 Ultimate Victory Starstruck A. Hardaway BV=$1.25
    *1999/2000 Black Diamond Cuts John Starks BV=$1.25
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Double Diamond /3000 Juwan Howard BV=$1.25
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Charles Barkley BV=$1.25
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Chris Webber BV=$1.25
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Michael Finley BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Latrell Sprewell BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Rasheed Wallace BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Hakeem Olajuwon BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Jerry Stackhouse BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Grand Hill BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond David Robinson BV=$1.00
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Reggie Miller BV=$1.00
    *1997/98 Finest John Stockton Silver BV=$3.00
    *1997/98 Z-Force Zensations Damon Stoudamire BV=$1.25
    *1997/98 Z-Force Boss Marcus Camby BV=$1.50
    *1996/97 Finest Derrick McKey Finest Silver BV=$1.25
    *1996/97 Topps Pro Files Juwan Howard BV=$1.00
    *1995/96 Upper Deck Chris Webber BV=$1.00
    *1993/94 Upper Deck Team Flight Kendall Gill BV=$3.00
    *1990/91 Skybox Larry Bird BV=$1.00
    *2001/02 Fleer Exclusive Michale Finley BV=$0.75
    *2001/02 Stadium Club Hakeem Olajuwon BV=$0.60
    *2000/01 Fleer Focus 20/20 Michael Finely BV=$0.50
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Damon Stoudamire BV=$0.50
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Shawn Marion BV=$0.75
    *2000/01 UD Reserve Baron Davis BV=$0.75 (2)
    *2000/01 Ultimate Victory Lamar Odom BV=$0.75 (2)
    *1999/2000 Skybox Premium John Stockton BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Double Diamond /3000 Shawn Bradley BV=$0.60
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Ray Allen BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Grant Hill BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Patrick Ewing BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Rasheed Wallace BV=$0.75
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Alonzo Mourning BV=$0.60
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Jeff Hornacek BV=$0.60
    *1998/99 Black Diamond Allan Houston BV=$0.60
    *1998/99 Sp Authentic Jeff Hornacek BV=$0.60
    *1998/99 Upper Deck Jalen Rose Intensity BV=$3.00
    *1998/99 Upper Deck David Robinson BV=$0.75
    *1997/98 Fleer Jason Kidd BV=$0.75
    *1997/98 Fleer David Robinson BV=$0.50
    *1997/98 UDCC 76ers BV=$0.30
    *1997/98 UDCC Jason Kidd BV=$0.30
    *1997/98 UDCC Mini Standees Jason Kidd BV=$0.75
    *1997/98 Z-Force David RobinsonBV=$0.50
    *1997/98 Z-Force David Robinson Zupermen BV=$0.30
    *1997/98 Z-Force Chris Webber BV=$0.60
    *1997/98 Z-Force Ray Allen BV=$0.50
    *1997/98 Upper Deck Juwan Howard BV=$0.25 (2)
    *1997/98 Upper Deck P.J. Brown BV=$0.25
    *1997/98 Upper Deck Jam Sean Elliot BV=$0.25
    *1996/97 Premium Tripple Threats Stockton BV=$0.75
    *1996/97 UDCC John Stockton FUND BV=$0.40
    *1996/97 UDCC Walters/Hornacek/Blaylock BV=$0.20
    *1996/97 Fleer Penny Hardaway AS BV=$0.50
    *1996/97 Skybox Premium Charles Barkley BV=$0.75
    *1996/97 Skybox Premium David Robinson BV=$0.60
    *1994/95 Fleer Rebound Kings A.C. Green BV=$0.15
    *1994/95 Skybox Premium SSW Robert Parish BV=$0.05
    *1993/94 Finest Mark Jackson BV=$0.40
    *1991/92 Hoops John Stockton BV=$0.25

    *2003 Topps All American RC Foil Bryant Johnson BV=$8.00
    *2003 Topps All American RC Justin Fargas BV=$4.00
    *2002 Bowman RC Steve Bellisari BV=$1.50
    *2002 Bowman RC Charles Grant BV=$1.50
    *2002 Donruss Cliff Russell RC BV=$3.00
    *2002 Donruss Brandon Doman RC BV=$3.00
    *2002 Donruss Najeh Davenport RC BV=$3.00
    *2002 Donruss Ryan Sims RC BV=$3.00
    *2002 Exclusive Silver Marquise Walker RC BV=$3.00
    *2002 Heads Up Najeh Davenport RC BV=$5.00
    *2002 Heads Update Chester Taylor RC BV=$2.00
    *2002 Heads Update Tim Carter RC BV=$2.50
    *2002 Heads Update Lee Mays RC BV=$2.50
    *2002 Press Pass Quentin Jammer RC BV=$2.50
    *2002 Press Pass First Down Roy Williams RC BV=$6.00
    *2002 Private Stock Napoleon Harris BV=$3.00
    *2002 Private Stock Poli-Dixon RC BV=$2.50
    *2002 Private Stock Josh McCown RC BV=$5.00
    *2002 Score Brian Westbrook RC BV=$1.25
    *2002 Score Joseph Jefferson RC BV=$0.60
    *2002 Score Alex Borwn RC BV=$0.60
    *2002 Score Clinton Portis RC BV=$5.00
    *2002 Score Antonio Bryant RC BV=$2.00
    *2002 Score Phillip Buchanon RC BV=$1.25
    *2002 Score Ladell Betts RC BV=$1.50
    *2002 Upper Deck Wesley Walls RC /1989 BV=$2.00
    *2001 Dynagon Bobby Newcombe RC BV=$1.50
    *2001 Fleer Game Time Jamal Reynolds RC BV=$3.00
    *2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Ifeanyi Ohalete RC BV=$2.50
    *2001 Skybox Premium Premium RCís Marcus Stroud /2001 BV=$4.00
    *2001 Titanium Idrees Bashir RC BV=$2.00
    *2001 Topps Willie Middlebrooks RC BV=$0.75
    *2001 Topps Chrome Brad Johnson CP BV=$2.00
    *2001 Upper Deck Morlon Greenwood RC BV=$3.00
    *2000 Score Freddie Jones 1546/2000 RC BV=$1.50
    *2000 UD Ionix Shyrone Stith RC BV=$1.00
    *1999 Collectors Edge Two Minute Warning Díwayne Bates RC BV=$3.00
    *1999 Collectors Edge 1Q Daunte Culpepper RC BV=$3.00 (2)
    *1999 Collectors Edge 1Q Edgerrin James RC BV=$4.00 (5)
    *1999 Collectors Edge 1Q Donovan Mcnabb RC BV=$4.00
    *1999 Donruss Troy Edwards RC BV=$2.50
    *1999 Omega Martin/Gardner RC BV=$1.00
    *1996 Draft Pick Premium Foil Richard Huntley RC BV=$2.00
    *1990 Scott Mitchell RC BV=$0.25
    High End:
    *2002 Exclusive Gold Chad Johnson BV=$5.00
    *2002 Exclusive Gold Michael Bennett BV=$5.00
    *2002 Exclusive Gold Terrell Davis BV=$5.00
    *2002 UD POH National Honor Eric Crouch BV=$5.00
    *2002 Adrenaline Driven Ladinian Tomlinson BV=$2.50
    *2002 Exclusive Gold Ike Hilliard BV=$3.00
    *2002 Exclusive Gold JaJuan Dawson BV=$2.00
    *2002 Exclusive Gold Az-Zahir Hakim BV=$2.00
    *2002 Heads Update Boston/Bryant Generations BV=$2.50
    *2002 Heads Update Red Jerome Bettis BV=$2.50
    *2002 Heads Update Red Isaac Bruce BV=$2.50
    *2002 Heads Update Red Coery Bradford BV=$1.00
    *2002 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Tools of the Trade Chris Chambers BV=$4.00
    *2002 Topps Chrome Ring of Honor Jake Scott BV=$2.50
    *2002 UD POH Big Game Ray Lewis BV=$4.00
    *2002 UD POH Ron Dayne Run To History BV=$3.00
    *2001 Fleer Game Time Crunch Time BV=$2.00
    *2001 Fleer Ultra Head of the Class Peter Warrick BV=$3.00
    *2001 Fleer Ultra Cade McNown Quick Strike BV=$1.50
    *2001 Fleer Ultra Ron Dayne 2 Minute Thrill BV=$2.00
    *2001 Titanium Players Fantasy Football Correll Buckhalter BV=$4.00
    *2000 Edge Stephen Davis Route To Super Bowl 34 BV=$1.50
    *2000 Fleer Gamers Change the Game Terrell Davis BV=$3.00
    *2000 Score Brian Griese Complete Player BV=$1.50
    *2000 Topps Archives Steve Young Reprint BV=$2.00
    *1999 Collectors Oddyssey Cut N Ripped Rob Konrad BV=$1.25
    *1999 Edge End Zone Kordell Stewart BV=$2.50
    *1997 Frank Sanders Flair Row 0 BV=$3.00
    *1996 Edge Ripped Yancey Thigpen BV=$1.00
    *2000 UD Victory Jerry Rice Bv=$0.40
    *1995 Classic Phone Cards Trent Dilfer $1 BV=$0.40
    *1995 Classic Phone Cards Barry Foster $2 BV=$0.30
    *1995 Classic Steve Young BV=$0.25
    *1995 Classic J.J. Stokes BV=$0.25
    *1995 Playoff Prime Steve Walsh BV=$0.75

    High End:
    *Dale Earnhardt Artist Series PROMO BV=Unknown (HTG)
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Bobby Labonte BV=$8.00
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Kevin Harvick BV=$8.00
    *2001 Press Pass Premium In The Zone Rusty Wallace BV=$6.00
    *2002 Eclipse Racing Champions Dale Jarrett BV=$2.00 (2)
    *2002 Eclipse Racing Champions Ricky Craven BV=$0.75
    *2002 Eclipse Warp Speed Ricky Rudd BV=$2.50
    *2002 Eclipse Ricky Rudd Shootout Supernova BV=$3.00
    *2002 Eclipse Ricky Rudd Supernova BV=$3.00
    *2002 Press Pass Platinum Tony Stewart BV=$1.50
    *2002 Press Pass Platinum Mike Skinner BV=$0.50
    *2002 Press Pass Platinum Jack Sprague BV=$0.50
    *2002 Press Pass Showman Ricky Rudd BV=$4.00
    *2002 Press Pass Vintage Mike Skinner BV=$0.50
    *2002 Press Pass Vintage Davy Blaney BV=$0.50
    *2002 Wheels Rookie Award Kevin Harvick BV=$2.50
    *2002 Wheels High Gear Preview Ryan Newman BV=$2.50
    *2002 Wheels High Gear First Gear Sterling Marlin BV=$3.00
    *2002 Wheels High Gear First Tony Stewart BV=$3.00
    *2002 Wheels High Gear High Groove Bobby Hamilton BV=$0.60
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Jason Leffler BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Ron Hornaday BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Michael Waltrip BV=$2.50 (2)
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold P.J. Jones BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Mike Skinner BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Robert Pressley BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Jeremy Mayfield BV=$2.50
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Jeff Burton BV=$2.50
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold John Andretti BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Bobby Hamilton BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium Gold Kyle Petty BV=$1.25
    *2001 Press Pass Premium CC Michael Waltrip BV=$1.50
    *2001 Press Pass Premium CC Bobby Labonte BV=$4.00
    *2001 Press Pass Premium CC Mike Skinner BV=$0.75
    *2001 Wheels High Gear Robert Pressley BV=$0.40
    *2000 Press Pass Stealth Stealth Set Dale Jarrett BV=$3.00
    *2000 Press Pass VIP Making the Show Die Cut Michael Waltrip =$0.75

    *Signature Rookies Draft Day Auto Jake Deadmarsh BV=$2.00
    *1998/99 BAP Autographs Peter Zezel BV=$5.00
    *1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Jaromir Jagr BV=$0.40
    *1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves John Leclair BV=$0.40
    *1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Mark Messier BV=$0.40
    *1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Jeremy Roenick BV=$0.30
    *1997/98 Pinnacle Signature Moves Brian Leetch BV=$0.40
    *1991/92 Pinnacle Jayson More RC BV=$0.10
    *1991/92 Pinnacle Steve Yzerman BV=$2.00

    *2001 Upper Deck Stat Leaders Mike Weir BV=$1.50
    *2001 Upper Deck National Heroes Mike Weir BV=$2.50
    *2001 Upper Deck Stat Leaders Mike Weir BV=$1.50
    *2001 Upper Deck Victory March Payne Stewart BV=$1.00
    *2001 Upper deck Defining Moments Payne Stewart BV=$1.00
    *2001 Upper Deck National Heroes Thomas Bjorn BV=$1.50
    *2001 Upper Deck Stat Leaders Stewart Cink BV=$1.00
    *2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Rory Sabbatini BV=$0.25
    *2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Chris Smith BV=$0.25 (2)
    *2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Matt Kuchar BV=$0.25 (2)
    *2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Tim Clark BV=$0.25
    *2001 Upper Deck Young Guns Brandt Jobe BV=$0.25
    *Have several SLAM and SPORT magazines for trade. E-mail me for list.

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    I really need this:
    *2002 Score Clinton Portis RC BV=$5.00

    Check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK.


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    Sportnut08- I am looking to sell. Please give me an offer if you are willing to buy. Thanks

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    The *2002 Press Pass First Down Roy Williams RC BV=$6.00 is now gone. The rest are still available!

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    I would be willing to buy, but I'm broke....sorry.


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