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Thread: Name the players you want.

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    Name the players you want.

    Finally got around to organizing my cards.
    Give me a list of the players you are looking for and I will get you a list of what I have.
    I am looking for Bowman cards to finsh my sets or Arod cards.


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    looking for kerry wood lmk if you have any i have a few a rods no bowman.
    I will trade by bv or sv as long as I like what I'm getting


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    i need your 03 pp auto, morneau bat, and ur pp commons

    also what gu did u get in pp?

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    Bonds_25= i just got a jesse foppert 2003 fleer tradition update. Do you need it?

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    Nope already got that one darrin if it's #U53 but thanks :)

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    Rafael Betancourt
    Fernando Cabrera
    Jack Cressend
    Francisco Cruceta
    Chad Durbin
    Jeremy Guthrie
    Billy Traber
    Tim Laker
    Casey Blake
    Jhonny Peralta
    Jody Gerut
    Milton Bradley
    Coco Crisp
    Ryan Ludwick


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