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    Great Ted Williams/Mark McGwire GU!

    I just pulled this 2003 SP Authentic GU combos Ted Williams/Mark McGwire Pants/Jersey BV 120 (Ive seen it sell for 100 on ebay) and am putting it up for trade. This is a great card of 2 great players! Here is the list of stuff I will consider trading it for.

    Nolan Ryan Auto

    Unopened stuff (Topps 2004 would be nice)

    Cash (I have and prefer Paypal)

    Card cash can be a small part of the deal but only if it's enough to buy some cards in the store.

    I will entertain any offers with nice cards in it. I am willing to "trade down" but not too much. So unless it's somthing I REALLY like I would consider at the most 3 cards in the trade. So please pm or post and ill get back to you asap.
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    I've got a Johnny Unitas auto BV$125....let me know if you'd consider this...thanks

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    Not really interested. Thanks for the response though.

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