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    Ebay Auctions - All Start @ 1 Cent w/ No Reserve

    check em out.

    Most are going up tonight with some going up tomorrow.

    All start @ A Penny!!!

    Never a Reserve

    GU - Autos - RCs
    other items as well


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    click on my name under where it has my card cash and it will take you there


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    your shipping price seems awfully high. Did you accidentally make those auctions $6.50 for shipping? Seems like it wouldn't cost $6.50 to ship these tony parker cards:

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    thanks for catching that. when i have multiple auctions i tend to copy and paste and i didn't fix it - will try and do today

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    Yeah I was just going to tell you that!!
    You have $6.50,and $3.50!!
    You'll get many confused e-mails!!

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    So how much should shipping be on your auctions?

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