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    Which is your favorite one of these #1

    Which of these would you like the best?

    1.Amare Stoudemire Jersey
    2.Kevin Garnett Jersey
    3.Tim Duncan Jersey
    4.Ray Allen Jersey
    5.Jerry Stackhouse Jersey
    6.Jamal Mashburn Jersey
    7.Joel Pryzbilla RC Auto Jersey
    8.Fred Jones RC auto
    9.Carlos Boozer RC auto
    10.Jermaine O'Neal Jersey
    11.Dikembe Mutumbo Jersey
    12.Dan Dickau RC Auto
    13.Paul Pierce Jersey
    14.Chris Webber and Antoine Walker Dual Jersey
    15.Jared Jeffries Jersey #ed to 100
    16.Vince Carter Jersey
    17.Pau Gasol Jersey
    18.Peja Stojakovic Jersey
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    I like the Amare the best, b/c he's got potential to amass some tremendous stats before he's done with his career, and he started at age 20..... could get some nice $$$$$ for that

    the least is Fred Jones -- who's he? what team does he sit on the bench for?


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    personally, i like the Fred Jones auto/rc the best
    hes got UPSIDE!

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    I would lean toward the Dickau or the Amare mainly the Amare for the said reasons above.

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    Boozer for me....I'm a Cavs fan, and I liked Boozer throughout his career at Duke also.

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    jeffries... got the same name as me Jared :)/// and he had a great carrer at Indiana (do u know if he grew his fro back?

    least has got to be fred jones for same reasons as pod :)

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    Prolly the Amare Stoudemire jersey because his cards have the most potential of the guys I like up there(Garnett, Duncan, Allen and Pierce) to skyrocket in value. Plus the Suns jerseys look sweet.

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    Carter Jersey....
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