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    Opps my mistake...Very pleased with what i got

    I thought the box i recieved was searched...but it was not due to this

    1. Donruss elite '03 Jerry Rice and Fred Biletbikoff Throwback threades jersey, #'d 19/75! BV=$100

    2. Lee Suggs Michael Vick College Ties #'d 1077/2000

    3. Ladainian Tomlinson Mask of steel BV=$15

    Terrel Suggs BV=$20
    Labrandon Toefield

    Steve Smith Donruss elite status Steve smith 43/89

    I got a total of 8 inserts...WELL WORTH THE PRICE!

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    congrats on those nice pulls. I had to much of a feeling by what you said that the box was just damaged and that there was nothing to worry about


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    good thing u didnt send it back lol... congrats on the great pulls... elite is a very nice product... did u get a mcgahee rookie??? and what rooks did u pull?

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    can you put a scan of the Jerry Rice card on here?

    are you looking to trade/sell it? send me a PM


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