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    Looking For Vintage "BIG" Rookies (Montana, Payton, Unitas, Staubach and more)

    I am looking to buy or trade for the following Vintage Rookies:
    1957 Topps Johnny Unitas RC
    1958 Topps Jim Brown RC
    1961 Topps Lionel Taylor RC
    1969 Topps Brian Piccolo RC
    1970 Topps OJ Simpson RC
    1971 Topps Terry Bradshaw RC
    1972 Topps Lyle Alzado RC
    1972 Topps Roger Staubach RC
    1976 Topps Randy Gradishar RC
    1976 Topps Walter Payton RC
    1977 Topps Steve Largent RC
    1979 TOpps Earl Calmpell RC
    1981 Topps Joe Montana RC
    1982 Topps Lawrence Taylor RC
    1983 Topps Marcus Allen RC
    1984 TOpps John Elway RC
    1986 Topps Andre Reed RC
    1989 Score Troy Aikman RC
    1989 Score Tim Brown RC
    1989 Score Cris Carter RC
    1989 Score Deion Sanders RC
    1989 Score Thurman Thomas RC
    1990 Score Supplimental Emmitt Smith RC

    Let me know,

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    i have these if you want to buy
    1989 Score Cris Carter RC.....4.00
    1983 Topps Marcus Allen RC....8.00

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    I've got an 86 Topps Andre Reed. LMK what you've got in my sig cause I can help you with your other wants.

    topps chrome havelist- raiders/redskins- Hidden Content
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    fbcards4all- I'll go for the Allen RC, Keep the Carter RC on hold until I am done with eBay.

    raiderscott- I dont have any game used or autographs. I basically have jsut rookies and stars for trade.

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    skater18na- what Raiders do you have or would you want to buy the Reed? LMK.......
    topps chrome havelist- raiders/redskins- Hidden Content
    Set wantlist-Hidden Content

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    I could help you with a Montana and Elway if you have anything comprable to offer.

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