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    03' UD Prospect Premiers Boxes for sell/trade

    I have two unopened boxes of 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Baseball for trade or sell. Looking for vintage baseball or Joe Namath cards/autos
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    check my site...lmk if you see anything...


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    I don't have any vintage or Joe much are you selling them for?

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    how much in trade are you looking for?

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    the boxes go for about 65-70 each. so somewhere around there

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    wow $65-70??? i paid $41.50 dlvd. granted i went through a distributor buddy but they are only going for like $40-50 on ebay. $65-70 is reasonable in trade, but it is a little high for an internet sale.

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    Can you show me where on ebay they were going for 40-50? I couldn't find them in past OR present auctions. The distributor I get from charged 54. I too, do believe 65-70 is reasonable. But if you are right...I'd buy a BUNCH at 40!!!

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    id be interested in a box, and where i buy from they are $49 a box. also, i can give you a 03 ud yankees phil rizzuto auto BV $40, 03 ud yankees ron blomberg auto BV $10, 03 ud yankees babe ruth common BV $15, and about $20 more in trade


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    Well whoever opens the box if you get anything Brad Snyder PLMK lol! Thanks ;)

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