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    Looking to get a few more autos...

    check my site and LMK what autos you have to trade..


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    I'll give you a 99 UD Inkredible Sean Casey BV$20 for these 2-

    87 Topps Barry Bonds $10
    90 Bowman Sammy Sosa $10

    Let me know if your interested....Thanks

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    No thanks...thanks for the offer though....I don't really want to part with the Bonds Rc...

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    2003 fleer hot prospects Mark Teixeira player graph 185/400 BV $25

    I like this
    Check my site

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    Interested in this:
    1999 SP Scott Rolen Auto BV $25

    BTW, I am now capable of scanning. ;)
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    zlw1---The Teixiera is no longer to ACbaseball about that one..

    cardinal fan: I like this, do you have any Marte RC's that you could possibly add to this to even it out if we agree...Also, I would like to see a scan if possible ;)

    2003 SP Authentic Chirography World Series Heroes GO Luis Gonzalez 143/225 $20.00

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    I can get a scan but...I don't have a Marte. I have a $5 auto incoming to make up the difference if you want. 1996 Leaf Signature David Segui. If not, let me know if I have something to make it up.

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    I didn't really see any $15 cards that I would want to trade for the Lynn or Sheff but I would love to get this one...

    2002 Topps Reserve Mini Helmets Autograph Eric Chavez 187/475 Bv 25.00

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    cardinal....I'd really like to get a Marte RC...See if you can find someone to do a 3-way deal that has one that I don't have.....
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