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    Carter and McGrady Together after 04-05???

    I was just reading
    this article about TMAC and Carter and the possibility of them being together in a little bit more than 1 1/2 seasons. JW what do you think the chances of this happening actually are if TMAC and Carter don't get into any big argument between now and then? Personally I think that it would prolly have a 25% chance of happening. You tell me.

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    well, they couldn't stand each other (b/c if one is shooting the ball 25-30 times, the other won't be able to, unless both shoot 25-30 times and no other player on the team shoots) and that's why Mac left for Orlando.............

    but, you can only make so much money while losing (see: Alex Rodriguez)...before you decide that perhaps you could give away a couple of million and take the wins instead (a la Payton and Malone)

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    Rose, McGrady, Carter --- that's good enough combination to get to the NBA Finals from the East

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    McGrady has said before that leaving Toronto was a big mistake.
    He said he didn't really realize at the time that him and Vince could of had something "special".

    I think there's a much greater than 25% chance that T-Mac will be back in T.O.

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