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    Inserts & Parallels- Gotta take a L@@K

    Just added a ton
    Have over 800 Inserts and parallels to trade. $2500.00 worth ! ! !
    Your favorite SuperStar players and hard to find parallels,
    #'d and rookie cards still to come.
    Way too long for 1 post so here are the links to the 3 posts.

    Will trade in your favor for cards from my wants list located at:

    Best to email me at:

    Thanks for the read. Here are the links:

    1st Posting

    More Inserts # 1

    More inserts # 2

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    2000 Topps Chrome Allegiance TA2 Ivan Rodriguez $6.00
    2000 Stadium Club Onyx Extreme OE8 Ivan Rodriguez $1.50
    2001 Fleer Triple Crown Future Threats FT11 Ivan Rodriguez $1.50
    2002 Topps Hobby Masters HM14 Ivan Rodriguez $3.00
    2000 Topps Tek 4 Ivan Rodriguez $1.25
    2001 Topps A Look Ahead LA8 Ivan Rodriguez $2.50

    $15.75 Total

    I don't see anything from your wantlist I need. I will give you a 03 Fleer Double Header GU jersey. I'm pretty sure it books 15 but you may want to check on that. LMK.


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    who is the player?
    03 Fleer Double Header GU jersey

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