This will be done on a year to year basis for archive purposes. As it will show you what to expect from current product but in the future also past products. As how many of us have wondered what the odd's are in a certain product, odd's on a pull, design of various cards in the set, etc. Well this will help alleviate some of these questions.

P.S. If you have a suggestion or can add a checklist or any pertinent infromation feel free to contact a Hockey team member and we will do that.


2006/2007 ARTIFACTS

Each sealed box contains 10 packs of 4 cards each in a 256 card base set including 100 Legends/Stars (#`d to 999) and 56 Rookies (#`d to 999). >>> Each box contains ONE Rookie card, ONE Autograph card, and THREE Memorabilia cards (#`d to 399 or less). Parallel sets: Silver (#`d to 100), Gold (#`d to 50), Bronze (#`d to 25), Platinum (#`d to 10), and Gold Rainbow (#`d to 1). Inserts: Auto-Facts Autograph cards 1:10 and Memorabilia cards 3:box (Treasured Swatches > #`d to 399 or less, Frozen Artifacts > #`d to 399 or less, and Tundra Tandems Dual > #`d to 125 or less; all memorabilia cards are jersey or jersey patch and have parallels #`d to 100, 50, 35, 25, 10, 5, and 1).


Each sealed box contains 24 packs of 5 cards each in a 150 card base set. >>> Each box contains ONE Goalie Memorabilia card and ONE Goalie Autograph card. Parallel sets: Silver and Gold. Inserts: Forgotten Franchises, The Mask IV, He Shoots - He Saves, Memorabilia cards 1:24 (Aspiring, Double Jersey, Stickwork, Complete Package, Game Used Pad, Roy vs. Brodeur, Playing for your Country, Shooting Gallery, Complete Jersey, Mask Game-Used, Autograph Stick & Jersey, Prospect Trios, Game-Used Glove, Autograph Game-Used Jersey, Game-Used Number, Game-Used Emblem, and Double Memorabilia), and Autograph cards 1:16 (Star of the Game, Future Stars, and Team Canada).


Each sealed box contains 18 packs of 5 cards each in a 300 card base set including 70 #`d Press Level 1:6, 30 #`d Lower Level 1:6, 70 #`d Private Box 1:18, and 30 #`d Executive Lounge 1:18. >>> Each box contains TWO Memorabilia cards and ONE Autograph card. Parallel sets: Upper Level (#`d to 100), Press Level (#`d to 100), Lower Level (#`d to 100), Private Box (#`d to 50), and Executive Lounge (#`d to 35). Inserts: Wave of the Future 1:6, Stitches Memorabilia cards 1:9, INKS Autograph cards 1:18, Hot Gloves 1:72 (Die-Cut Goaltender cards), and Hot Numbers 1:180 (parallel > #`d to jersey number).

2006/2007 FLEER

Each sealed box contains 36 packs of 10 cards each in a 230 card base set including 30 Rookies 1:3. >>> Each box contains ONE Memorabilia or Autograph card. Parallel set: Tiffany Collection (Veteran 1:36, Rookie 1:360) Inserts: Hockey Headliners 1:4, Speed Merchants 1:4, Netminders 1:4, Total O 1:4, `Fabricology` Memorabilia cards 1:40, and `Signing Day` Autograph cards 1:432

2006/2007 FLEER ULTRA

Each sealed box contains 24 packs of 8 cards each in a 200 card base set. >>> Each box contains SEVEN Rookie cards, TWO Memorabilia cards, and ONE 2006/07 Rookie redemption card. Parallel sets: Gold Medallion (Veterans 1:1, Rookies 1:8, and Rookie redemption 1:288) and Ice Medallion (Veterans > #`d to 100, Rookies > #`d to 25, and Rookie redemptions > #`d to 25). Inserts: Action 1:12, Difference Makers 1:12, Scoring Kings 1:12, Uniformity Memorabilia cards 1:12 (Single, Jersey Patch > #`d to 25, and Autograph Jersey > #`d to 35), and Fresh Ink Autograph cards 1:200.


Each sealed box contains 5 packs of 4 cards each in a 160 card base set. >>> Each PACK contains ONE Memorabilia card and ONE Autograph card. Parallel set: Gold. Inserts: Memorabilia cards (Jersey, Jersey Emblem, Jersey Number, Canada`s Dream Team, Hockey Passport, Best of the Best, Greatest Moments, International Teammates, International Cornerstones, Goaltending Glory, Complete Jersey, Quad Patch, and Passing the Torch) and Autograph cards. ***Only 4000 boxes produced.

2006/2007 OPC

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Each sealed box contains 36 packs of 6 cards each in a 590+ card base set including 25 Hall Worthy, 30 Team Checklists, 15 Stat Leaders, 30 Rookie/Sophomore Showdown, and Marquee Rookies. >>> Each box contains ONE Memorabilia card. Parallel set: Rainbow (#`d to 100). Inserts: Memorabilia cards 1:36 and Autograph cards 1:360.


Each sealed box contains 24 packs of 8 cards each in a 200 card base set including 100 Rookies 1:4. >>> Each box contains TWO Memorabilia cards. Parallel sets: Exclusives (#`d to 100) and HG Exclusives (#`d to 10). Inserts: Shootout Artists 1:12, Hometown Heroes 1:12, Memorabilia cards 1:13 (Game Jersey, Generations: Dual > #`d to 100, Triple > #`d to 25, Dual Patch > #`d to 10, Triple Patch > #`d to 5, and Game Patch > #`d to 15), Award Winners 1:24, Statistical Leaders 1:24, Game Date Moments F/X 1:288, and Signature Sensations 1:288.
2006/2007 UD MINI JERSEY

2006/2007 UD VICTORY