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    Need BULLINGTON and other pirates RCs

    looking for Pirates RCs from the past few years...

    Especially need this:

    2003 Topps Chrome Bryan Bullington Refractor

    please let me know if you can help!


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    I have the 03 Topps Chrome Bullington Silver Refractor (bv $15). LMK what you'd offer, not really into GU'ed, but another RC or auto might do it. Thanks

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    is this #ed? is it uncirculated? I thought topps chrome only had blue, gold, and black refractors?

    lemme know!

    also...I have the following autos that I could trade...
    2003 Donruss Classics Tim Redding Auto #ed/250
    2000 Fleer Fresh Ink Milton Bradley Auto
    2003 Playoff POG Frank Catallanato GU Jersey/AUTO
    2003 Hot Prospects Playergraphs Roy Oswalt AUTO
    2003 Playoff POG Kirk Saarloos GU Jersey/AUTO
    2003 Donruss Team Heroes Billy Sylvester AUTO
    1998 Donruss Sig Series Magglio Ordonez Auto
    2003 Playoff Abs. Memoribillia Jermaine Dye Auto



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    03 Topps Pristine Bullington Refractor # 113 (#'d 832/1599)
    03 Topps 205 Bullington RC #136

    Let me know if imterested, collect Andy Marte or Bowman RC's from my want list on my www

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    i dont have anything of Marte or any of the Bowmans you need...want anything else?


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    I have a 03 Bowman Bryan Bullington RC Auto- Blue Ink BV $20.

    I collect baseball - Cal Ripken Jr, Albert Pujols & StL Cardinals

    football - Any former Tenn Vol, Manning & Tennessee Titans

    Want gu, auto or rookie in trade



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    i REALLY need that card. I just traded away all my Pujols for a few Bonds rookies, and I don't have any decent Ripken stuff. I can offer you this this nice low #ed GU for it, and it will be in your favor cause its not a guy you collect...

    2002 Playoff POG Tim Hudson GU Fielding Glove #ed/50 (BV $25)

    please let me know ASAP!


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    I'm sorry. I picked up the wrong card when I was typing in the original reply to your post. That's a $40 BV card.

    Not interested in the Hudson card.

    Send me a list of what else you have to trade and maybe we can work something out.


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    I don't think it's numbered and it's not uncirculated. The back says Silver Refractor next to the card number. Here's one I found on ebay, same card as mine

    I'm interested in the Oswalt and Mags Ordonez autographs
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