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    Post I want to trade my GU (even some for base/inserts)

    Im looking to get my GU traded. I mostly am looking for Autos, Amare, Nene, or Chris BOsh in return. I will also accept inserts and even some base.....but I expect those trades to be in my favor (because GU sells and has much higher demand) I can get scans of cards for you. LMK what players you're looking for and Ill have scans up within a day or 2. Only looking to trade for mint cards, and Mostly Autos. For a good Auto I need I will trade GU in your favor and some cases was in your favor if player on my want-list. PLMK!

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    forgot to mention, mostly looking for Autos AND RC. I really like RCS too.

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    hi i still have the hilario pristine refractor. not interested on that anymore?lmk

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    ive had so many offers im not sure which is which anyone. Whats it book? If its a RC Ill probably trade about same value GU for it. Im mostly looking for autos and higher end cards of Nene though, because I have a ton of his cards. If it #d?

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    if i gave u any of the inserts and/or 02-03 and 03-04 Rcs on my page that u wanted could i get a dual GU?...LMK! maybe throw in some CC
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    hey i got a mj insert bv 18 have any bredan haywood tayshaun prince kg plmk

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    soccer and bballin.....Im collecting autos, looking to trade my GU only (and not dual GU, I like those too)

    Hot Sauce.....Ill look at your site after halftime on the LA game and let you know what I like. Thanks for response. I also have another person interested, I will see what I need from each of you and take the best offer available

    stalking wolf Ill check and scan+let you know what I have of those players, thanks for response

    Skillkiller-what Anthony RC? PLMK thanks

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