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    Looking for RC's of Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser

    I am looking for RC's of former Giants prospects Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser, now Twins. PLMK what you have.

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    2002 Bowman #182 Francisco Liriano RC BV $0.75
    2001 Bowman Heritage #300 Boof Bonser BV $1.25

    Looking for cards of Jesse Foppert, Todd Linden, and Jerome Williams. If you don't got any of them I would sell for cc/sase. Thanks.
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    Great! I could use both of those. Please check out my site and see if anything interests you, if not how much CC would do for them? PLMK.


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    Im assuming you don't have any cards of the guys I listed. Checked your site and didn't see anything cheap that I liked. I would give them both for 35cc and a SASE.

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    how about 50 cc shipped? PLMK.

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    Bonds_25, is that cool with you? 50 cc for the Bonser and Liriano RC's? PLMK.


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    Do you need this Boof Bosnor card:
    2002 Topps RC, LIMITED EDITION

    Selling All!

    Currently trading ONLY for Pirates autos I need, UFC/MMA cards, and Dean Palmer I need (wantlist on site). Will also consider nicer Steelers items too.
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    No thanks, it's not his RC..His RC's are form 2001.

    Thanks anyway

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