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Thread: My "Target Mojo"

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    Talking My "Target Mojo"

    Opened one of a few Target Packs and pulled descent commons along with a RC (listed below) The auto I got was a 1991-1992 Fleer Dikembe Mutombo Auto BV-$60!! I like that....I will let you know what else I pull after Christmas....(the wife is hiding them) I love these packs!


    Allan Houston
    Jay Williams
    Elton Brand
    David Robinson
    Glenn Robinson

    Rookie Orientation RC:

    Kendrick Perkins
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    Nice pull! I hope you just dont get screwed over and have the rest of the cards be $20 or less bv like I did after I pulled my $80 Ray Allen from one.

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    I am hoping to pull the $200 dollar Shaq....Still $20 auto out of a $5 pack is pretty decsent still if you ask me

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    well good luck on finding the shaq or any kg's reggie miller's or dennis rodman's for that matter. Hopefully I can get a couple Target packs for Christmas also.

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    Talked the wife into letting me open another of the NINE total:


    Corey Maggette AU BV-??? not sure


    Karl Malone
    Mike Miller
    Aaron Mckie
    Mo Pete
    Andrei Kirilenko

    Rookie Orientation RC

    Carlos Delfino

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    I think the Maggette books around $20 or $25 nice pull

    P.S. I think you'll get something good in the remaining packs. Anywho goodluck to you.
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    Well I hope that you do. Keep us informed whenever you break open the remaining ones.

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    I will break them open on CHRISTmas eve and the rest on CHRISTmas.

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