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    Did you watch the MAC Championship game?

    Did any1 watch the MAC Daddy Championship Game? I didn't because the MAC isn't the best conference out there and i don't like the MAC. I didn't!

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    NOPE wont watch any more college football cuz im pissed that michigan beat the bucks

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    I saw the game...but stopped after the third quarter, as the Falcons were getting mauled and score was out of hand

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    I also stopped watching the game. I stopped around the begenning of the 4th. The MAC conference is definitely one of the most underrated conferences out there!
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    I watched bits and pieces of it between the Rangers/Islanders game. Had there not been a NYR/NYI game that night I would've watched the whole thing.

    The MAC is extremely underrated. Northern Illinois (who got a bowl snub) are much better than any of the 6-6 teams from the major BCS conferences going to Bowls. Even Memphis from C-USA is going to a bowl. This entire bowl system is so corrupt because all it does is showcase the big conference teams and shun the mid-majors. In the old system (where coaches arranged for their team to play in a bowl) Miami of Ohio would be playing after Christmas and a lot closer to New Year's if not on it.

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