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    Anyone want this nice Bret Boone jsy card?

    I just found in a box of 02 Topps Gold Label commons a 02 Topps Gold Label MLB Award Ceremony Bret Boone jersey card (Class 2 Platinum) BV-$12, nice card!, Looking for a RC or Game used in return. Thanks for looking!

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    I would take $4.00 Dlvd, I think that is reasonable, LMK

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    I am definitely interested.

    Please check my site and LMK.

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    Let me see if Steven gets back to me, if not I like the 89 Fleer Billy Ripken (F**k face) card, could we work something out for that? LMK

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    I think we could probably work on something involving that card.

    PM me if the deal with Steven doesn't work out.

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