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    Need leftwich, vick, holt, kingsbury, chad johnson, and roy williams

    i need rc/gu/autos of the people i have just mentioned. lmk what you have. you check out my site for the stuff i have for trade thanks

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    I have the following:
    Mickael Vick:
    01 Topps rc #311
    01 PressPass Breakout #21
    02 Pacific Feature Attraction #1

    Torry Holt:
    99 Playoff Absolute Rookies #AR17
    99 Triumph rc #T159
    99 MVP rc #205
    99 Fury rc #170
    99 Odyssey 1st Qtr rc #122
    99 Fleer rc #273
    99 Edge 1st Place rc #189

    Roy Williams:
    02 Score rc #321
    02 Topps Heritage rc #175
    02 Topps rc #321

    Chad Johnson:
    01 Vanguard Prime Prospects #7
    01 Topps rc #340

    Kliff Kingsbury:
    03 MVP rc #334
    LMK if interested. Would trade for all for 1 g-u or auto in football. I would trade in your favor if I like the card and player. Not too particular. Thanks

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    the only one i need out of those is the 01 topps vick rc. lmk what we can work out. are you looking for certain players or teams? i have a few rc on my site if you want to check them out.

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    thats okay, I will just keep the Vick until I have a decent lot of him and then will get rid of the entire lot. Thanks anyway

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    i got a michael vick 01 leaf R&S rps BV $30

    i like these: in order

    4) 2001 score select rookie preview auto rudi johnson bv8
    12) 2000 spx winning materials jsy/ball peter warrick bv20
    8) 2002 leaf rookies and stars freshman orientation antonio bryant jsy bv12


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    Hemi- i like the vick, is it numbered? pm me with your trade offer. thanks again

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