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    Auto/GU Tradelist and Wantlist - PLEASE HELP!!

    GU For Trade:
    2001 SP Authentic Fabric GU Jersey Kevin Brown BV $10
    2001 SP Authentic Jim Edmonds GU Jersey BV $10
    2003 Topps Finest Randy Johnson GU Jersey
    2000 SP Piece of the Game Andruw Jones GU Bat
    2003 Leaf Vernon Wells GU Jersey #097/500 BV $8
    2003 Sweet Spot Swatches Bernie Williams GU Jersey BV $10
    2003 Fleer Authentix Vladimir Guerrero GU Jersey BV $10
    2001 Topps Stars Edgardo Alfonzo GU Jersey BV $10

    Auto for Trade:
    1996 Leaf Signature Ray Durham Auto BV $10
    2002 Bowman Ryan Vogelsong Autograph BV $10

    Any Giants GU/Auto
    Any cards of Jesse Foppert and Todd Linden.

    LMK if something interests you guys even if you don't have stuff on my want list. Thanks!!

    NOTE: Pictures on my site.
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  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    Bump - somebody has gotta be interested in these cards. I will sell or trade, PLMK.

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    I was wondering how much cc you wanted for the Bosner and Liriano RC's you have more shipped? How does 50 sound? I am asking here because you never got back to me on my post. PLMK.


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    Sure I would do 50 shipped. Pm me your address and I will get the cards out Monday. Thanks!! Sorry for not responding to your thread I have been sick lately.

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    I have been sick lately as well....sickness sucks especially having laryngitis for over a month and not being able tot alk above a whisper msot of the

    PM sent.


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    I like the Vogelson Auto, but I don't have any autos left to trade...

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    I dont need an Auto for it, I would take any Giants GU which I didn't see any on your site or cards of Jesse Foppert, only one I saw was 01 ud prospect premieres which I already have. Got anything else of that sort? LMK Thanks, if not I would sell it.

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    Sorry, I don't ahve any Giants GU, and I don't want to buy right now. Thanks though!

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    I'd like this one 2001 SP Authentic Jim Edmonds GU Jersey BV $10
    but I don't have any GU Giants. I do have alot of Barry Bonds cards though. I would be willing to trade you BV $30 Bonds cards for the Edmunds. I can send you a list if interested. LMK

    I have a Giants card I know you don't have because this player is a friend of mine and this card is one of only about 2 or 3 left in existence that only his family has. Beckett won't have these listed. Do you remember the Giants lefty reliever in 1999-2002 seasons, Aaron Fultz? I have a couple of his auto cards that he gave me last year. He pitched in the 02 World Series. He became free agent & signed with the Rangers last season. Dusty Baker was really wanting him and his dad told me that he may be headed to Chicago next season. He's a great person. I thought you may have remembered him since you are a Giants fan.

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    Yep I remember Aaron very well, he was a nice kid it was a shame he couldn't stay with the Giants. However I am not too interested in his cards. But if you got any Jesse Foppert cards that would be great. If not I could always sell it to you. And if you can't do either of those I will consider the Fultz. Thanks for your response and if you talk to him sometime soon tell him this Giants fan enjoyed his time in SF!!

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