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    Cool If you like Rod Gardner I have a very nice card of him.I really want to get rid of it

    I have a 2001 Rod Gardner titanium rookie jersey #206 BV$100.I have a scan if you want to see it.I am looking for Vince Carter.Please let me know.Thanks.My email is

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    Oh and one corner is slitley bent.So i will sell for about $50.Or $75 worth of Vince Carter cards.Thanks [

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    you need to have your pic on a website in order for it to work

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    I have a mess load of Vince Carter stuff I would love to get rid of. None are game used and I have no clue what they book for. You can check this list out and LMK if you want them. I would be willing to throw in a little more for it with them if you would like.

    (6)Vince Carter 1999-00 Upper Deck #115

    Vince Carter1999-00 Impact Rewind '99 #30

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Skybox Vince Carter Scrapbooks #9 (Metal)

    Vince Carter 2000-01 Topps No Limit #NL3

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Fleer Force #1

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Fleer Focus #44

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Skybox Premium #1

    (7)Vince Carter 1999-00 Topps #98

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Hoops #100

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Metal #1

    Vince Carter/Grant Hill 2000-01 Topps #293

    (3)Vince Carter 2000-01 Topps #50

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Topps Season's Best #SB27

    Vince Carter 2000-01 Bowman's Best Elements of the Game #EG3

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Fleer Focus Soar Subjects #13

    Vince Carter 1999-00 Fleer Force Airforce One Five #'s 1 & 6

    Vince Carter 1998-99 Stadium Club #198

    (2)Vince Carter 1999-00 E-X #16

    My site:

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