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    Allright, need autos of Bonds, Baldelli, blalock, Prior and Texteria..

    lmk what you have and what you need in return..Thanks


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    I have 2003 SP Authentic Chirography Bronze Prior auto /50 BV$120 and 2003 Spx Mark Teixeira auto jersey.

    Looking for good autos or rookies in return.

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    check my site, lmk what you need..


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    bbgiants- I can use the Tex auto if you guys can't work anything out

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    bump for boneyard. LMK if we can work something out.

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    I have a Mark Prior 2001 Donruss Fan Club 2002 Rookie auto it says rookie on the side and on the back even though its Donruss Fan Club 2002, I have a Upper Deck Classic Portraits card of Baldelli #ed 1699 0f 2000 if intested also have Blalock and Teixeria Rookies.

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    i will reply to all when i get home from work, thanks for the replys..


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    BB-I prob dont have anything for your Prior but would be interested in: 2003 Spx Mark Teixeira auto jersey

    Pujols-Is the Baldelli an Auto, if so im interested, couldnt do the Pujols for prior but lmk if you like anything else for your prior Auto


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