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    Frank Serpico

    Post Need to find 4 cards for my set. Help!

    Hi, I am new to this website and was wondering if anyone has the following cards. I am looking to trade for them and have a 02-03 BAP Memorabilia Joe Sakic 3 Colour Emblem #/10. Here are the following that I am looking for:

    DOUBLE MEMORABILIA: #DM-08 Trevor Kidd
    #DM-10 John Grahame
    #DM-24 Terry Sawchuk
    #DM-27 Ron Hextall

    PLMK if you can help!


    Frank Serpico.

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    Welcome to the Forum Frank! :D

    I don't have the cards your looking for but I'm confident someone here does. Drop me a PM if you ever have any questions about the forum.


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    Saw attatchment!! Don't have Sawchuck(Well liked Hof'r)

    will look through bap btp stuff tomorrow!

    Accept my Appologies( from my tired eyes) :o

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    Frank Serpico
    I'm not sure what you are talking about?

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    Just call me stupid!! Your Pic is worth 1,000 words asj-51(emblem version)

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    Frank Serpico
    I'm not sure where you are getting the #108 from? I have a 02-03 Joe Sakic Emblem #/10, it is from BAP Memorabilia and is not an emerald card but is a piece of the Emblem from Sakics 1998 All-Star jersey. When I say its #/10 I don't mean that it is serial numbered on the back but has a print run of only 10 ever made from the BAP company. Do you have any of the 4 cards that I am looking for? PLMK.

    Frank Serpico.

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