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    Someone with Beckett online Priceguide...check this BV?

    Can someone with the beckett on line price guide check this BV?

    2003 Private Stock Titanium RC #118 Frolov #xx/99

    thanks a lot

  2. SCC Cyber Week 2017
  3. #2 gives you a free price check on any single card at a time, so you can do it yourself if you're ever looking for just 1 card.

    I have no clue who Frolov is so I can't do it for you, sorry!

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    oh ok.. you dont collect hockey? he is one of the most promising rookies IMO

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    I was a diehard Penguins fan but because of things Lemieux has done, it has caused me to boycott the Penguins... so it makes it kind of hard for me to keep track of hockey for now. I've heard of Spezza and Gaborik... those are about the only real rookies I know much of right now.

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    Thanks i got it from a $16 pack and it was worth $100 ... i heard about the new prices and thought it might have gone up a little, cool. But i put it on ebay right away so there is only a day left and i'll be lucky if i get 1/2 bv for it. Think i should have hung on to it a little longer?

    Yes, I have seen Gaborik a lot this year and he is getting better. I should have grabbed up more of his cards when I had the chances.

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    Still over a day left on your auction... those sniper hawks will boast it up some more don't worry!

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    post your link to your auction, in the sites and auction section, that way I can take a look at it, even though I don't collect hockey, I could still buy it for trade bait.

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