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    trading these autos for true RCs...

    Need rookies of the following...

    Felix Pie

    here is what I can trade...

    2000 Fleer Fresh Ink Will Clark AUTO ($40)
    1998 DOnruss Sig Series Magglio Ordonez AUTO ($25)
    2003 Playoff Abs Memoribila Jermaine Dye AUTO ($20?)
    2000 Skybox Autographics Milton Bradley AUTO ($15)
    2003 Playoff POG Kirk Saarloos GU Jersey (w/stripe)/AUTO (signed name and MLB Debut date, NEVER seen another with this auto) (BV $15, but want a little more cause of the rare signature)
    2003 Playoff POF Frank Cattalanato GU Jersey/AUTO ($10)

    Also have a decent sized Pujols lot which contains base cards, inserts, and 1 GU that I would trade towards rookies. BV on the lot is just over $40, but will trade at closer to BV $30

    lemme know, will trade for lesser book, that is, the Clark auto for four Bonds autos that books $10 a piece, or something along those lines...thanks for looking!


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    i still have the 2 Maddux's (87 Leaf & 87 Donruss Rookies)
    do you still want them for the Soriano & Giambi GU?

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    i got a extra 89 upperdeck ken griffey jr. let me know if your interested. thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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    interested, but don't want to give up my better autos for that, as I would rather get a shoe-in HOFer with those.

    lemme know some idea of what you are looking for!


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    might be interested in the pujols lot. like to know what it consist of. thanks billy
    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

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    he is! thats why hes on my list of needs. I was speaking of Griffey, although I think he deserves it, I dont think he will ever get it...


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    just so everyone knows...The Clark and Ordonez AUTOS are gone, traded them for a 1986 Topps Traded Barry Bonds XRC! Graded BGS 9!!!

    All others are still up for trade!


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    Griffey is 34 and 19 homeruns away from 500. Unless you don't think he can average 3 homeruns a year for the rest of his career, he's in. His stats don't begin to describe how good he was as a center fielder.

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