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    Looking for Billy Petrick...Who you say?

    Hi all and Happy Holidays. Yea Im looking for Billy Petrick cards as well as Lew Ford. Billy is a local boy who was drafted by the Chicago cubs in the 3rd round of the 2002 draft. He's a pitcher who my son caught for in high school. I believe he only has the 2002 bowman draft card so far, but I would like what ever you have. I have all his base cards but need his refractors, xfractor etc. Sorry for the long post but this player has special meaning. Happy Holidays, Mike


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    Mike, you have to realize that the only set he is in is 2002 Bowman Draft. The collectors who collect that set like me realize that Billy Petrick is not just a common. He is a pitching prospect that has some good potential. His cards are very undervalued right now.


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    Michael, I do realize he has the potential of a bright future. Like most collectors I would like to collect as many different cards of him as possible. Thanks for the reply, Mike

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