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Thread: Last of whats left...

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    Last of whats left...

    I'm down to the last things here except for commons and a few other things. I'll list whats left below. I will trade for Hockey or Football. If interested in buying just make a reasonable offer. Thanks... Don

    Whats on Ebay now... ID... Ameri_Can

    Glenn Robinson lot-44 cards 22 RC's @ 0.99
    Rodman lot w/RC. 36 total cards @ 0.99
    Shaq lot, 38 cards @ 0.99
    McGrady RC's... 6 RC's... $50+ @ 0.99
    Kidd lot-48 cards-19 RC's + base and inserts @ 0.99


    Mourning lot-57 cards, 22 RC's
    Sharone Wright lot-22 RC's
    Person lot-22 RC's
    Jalen Rose/Donyell Marshall lot-5 RC's/16 RC's(1 auto)
    Grant Hill lot-30 cards, 28 RC's
    Kemp lot-93 cards 1 RC
    Tim Hardaway lot 62 cards 2 RC's
    D Coleman lot-64 cards 5 RC's
    Cliff Robinson lot-44 cards 2 RC's
    Kevin Johnson lot-57 cards 3 RC's
    Pippen lot-107 cards 1 RC

    98-99 UD 'Memorable Moments' insert set 1-10
    90-91 F 'Rookie Sensations' Insert set 1-10(Payton)
    91-92 UD 'Draft RC' subset 20 cards
    94-95 'Topps RC Picks' subset from 'Members Only Set' #46-50, Robinson, Hill,Kidd,Marshall,Howard

    Also have a Jordan 5x7 set boxed and factory sealed and a jumbo Shaq card available

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    Its actually 3 1/2 x 5 cards. Its from 1999 UD and its a 23 card Retirement Set. If you know the value please LMK. If not give me a price that you're willing to trade or a price to buy. Thanks... Don

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