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    01 Fleer GOTG Auto Spud Webb FS &FT

    Ok I got A Spud Webb Auto Fleer Greats of the Game North Carolina State :
    Trade Only For
    Steve Nash Auto Certifield
    or Sell For $8 Paypal SH Included ..


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    No Because i Lived In Canada That Will
    Not Cover The Cost The Best i can Do is $7.. will Be Ship in bubble Envolped..
    All My GU & AU And Non Sports ON HERE 1 Page All Sports
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    Collect Blue Jays & Leafs ,HOF AU I Need
    Canadian Born Sport or Non Sports AU Only

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    any chance of a scan ?
    bubble envelope to my country like like 3usd so ill do it for $10inc (i got 5.5k in paypal so i gotta buy something sooner or later lol ;P )shipping if you can provide a scan , i have to like the look of the card b4 buying - or find a pic of another one ;)

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    Have No Way of Getting a Scan ..Card is NM-MT Right out of Pack & Into A soft Sleeve &Toploader..

    LMK Mike

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