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    MAJOR SHOWCASE MOJO!!! well for me anyways!

    Ok i went to the movie store and bought the last pakc of showcase the i figure what the heck ill open it in front of the store owner/friend....its the last card....i get to it and b4 i look at it...he see it and snags it into a screwdown for me....and give me a free pack..(dunno why)..anyways....heres what it was...

    03-04 Fleer Showcase Showcasing Talent #130 LeBron James Rookie Draft #1

    so i was like WHOa......and when i cam home i looked up the price figuring 25-40 somewhere in their...and it book $100!!!!!!! Major Mojo for me...highest priced card in my far...

    heres a link to the price..


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    Do you have a scan?

    oh and congrats!

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