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    WTT '02-'03 UD Finite Elements Curry/Chandler dual GU'd for baseball

    I have a 2002-03 Upper Deck Finite Elements Dual Warm-Up card of Eddy Curry & Tyson Chandler of the Chicago Bulls. The card # is EC/TC. I'm looking for something gu'd or auto'd from one of the players from my sig. I don't collect basketball, so please don't offer me another basketball card for it. Thanks


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    would you do that drew i originally offered that booked 8.00 for the curry/chandler?

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    I have a SP legendary bat card of Andre Dawson in cubs uni...lmk

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    pujolsmussina535 - no thanks, the Curry/Chandler is $12

    j.e. lew - I already have 2 of those Dawson bat cards

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