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    Anybody Catch the show on HBO about Oakland Sports teams

    Very interesting show about the A's and Raiders and the city of Oakland in the 1970's. Many things I didn't know about these franchises. I always heard about the A's owner Charlie Finley and how much of an he was but some of the things he did were flat out repulsive. A few highlights of the show:

    1. Finley fires 2B Mike Andrews during the world series after committing 2 errors. MLB does not allow it as Andrews is reinstated.
    2. Finley gives World Series Rings to A's using imitation jewels.
    3. Had a 13 yr old MC Hammer running team while he was at his Indiana farm.

    The Raider segments were also pretty cool as they show a lot of old footage of their playoff games including the famous immaculate reception by Franco Harris against them.

    I would suggest any baseball or football fan to catch this show.

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    missed it; but the beauty of cable is that there are always re-runs, esp. since HBO has 5-7 sister stations

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    I saw it also and it was pretty good. Tom Hanks is in it some. I think he was a vendor for the A's when he was a kid, selling popcorn or whatever.

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    yea, the raidas, lol, i thought it was interesting.. i wasnt alive then, didnt no that the raiders wer so feared. that an the guys WANTED to go out of town to strip clubs, bars etc. lol, sounds like an out of control sqaud there.

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