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    03 DR Team Heroes Timeline Threads GU Jersey Al Kaline #'d 36/64

    I just pulled this from a hobby box of 2003 Donruss Team Heroes. Looking for a Bonds GU I don't have if possible.

    PLEASE EMAIL ME IF INTERESTED. I don't always come back here to check.
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    What is the bv?

    I have a 2002 Fleer Triple crown Diamond Imortality Bond gu for trade BV 25..lmk

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    I am interested as I have thought about going for a set of these. I have no bonds gu to speak of but I do have alot to trade. Check my www to see!


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    He's one of only 2 players who have N/A for BV in the Timeline Threads series. Check it out. Do a price guide search on Beckett for:

    2003 Donruss Team Heroes Timeline Threads

    I'm asking around right now before deciding on BV, or MV (my value)

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