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Thread: Looking for Josh Hall (Reds)

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    Looking for Josh Hall (Reds)

    Any rookies,GU or autos of Josh Hall (Reds) that I need. Thanks.....Dan

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    I have these to trade:

    2003 Leaf Certified Josh Hall AUTO RC #/400
    2003 Fleer Authentix Josh Hall Row 2 RC #/250


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    Hey Michael...What team or player do you collect and what BV are you looking for in return for both. Thanks for the reply.....Dan

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    I collect good autos and rookies. For the auto I would like auto in return. For the other a nice rookie. Looking right now for 2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Rookies and 2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premiere AUTOs. Also check out my page for my other wants. I would want to do an even trade (BV for BV).


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    Michael...I have a 2002 Topps Chrome Draft Pick Josh Barfield #693 and a 2003 Finest Craig Brazell auto #105. LMK and thanks again.....Dan

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    I really like your Aubrey Huff and Hank Blalock AUTOs from your tradelist!! Anyway we could use one of those in the trade. Also, what other rookies do you have? I love the Barfield and would take it but I have a couple of it already. Please let me know. Thanks.

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    Well,I haven't updated my trade page for awhile, the Huff & Blalock are already gone. As far as rookies from your list, the Barfield is the only one I have a dup of. I'll have to look but I may have a 03 Fleer Box Score Webb rookie some where. The Barfield books for $10.00 and the Brazell books for $15.00. LMK and thanks.....Dan
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