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Thread: I want to trade my GU!

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    I want to trade my GU!

    Check my site and LMK if you see anything you're interested in. I want to get rid of all of them for good rookie cards or autos. LMK what you like. By the way, the Seau and Deuce jerseys are gone. I think all the others are still here though.

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    Hey man, I could use the following.

    2003 Sage Sammy Davis auto #25/520

    LMK what you could use for it. My site is in the "www" button below.

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    I have these rookies I will list and if you want I'll trade all of them for any game-used that would equal the same book value.

    93 Pacific Drew Bledsoe BV$3
    95 Pacific Prism Robert Smith BV$6
    95 Upperdeck Curtis Martin BV$5
    97 Collector's Choice Keyshawn Johnson BV$2
    97 Collector's Choice Mike Alstott BV$2
    98 Pacific Revolution Jake Plummer BV$8
    98 EX-2001 Jaquez Green BV$6
    99 Collector's Edge Odyssey 4th Quarter Akili Smith BV$8
    99 Donruss Gridiron Kings Donavan McNabb BV$8
    99 Fleer Donavan McNabb BV$4
    99 Playoff Prestiage EXP Torry Holt BV$4
    99 Upperdeck Torry Holt BV$10
    99 Topps Stars Amos Zeroue BV$2
    00 Bowman Scout's Choice Jamal Lewis BV$3
    00 Impact Jamal Lewis BV$2
    00 Impact Ron Dayne BV$2
    00 Dominion Shaun Alexander BV$2
    00 Dominion Tom Brady/Giovanni Carmazzi BV$5
    00 Topps Gold Label Graceful Giants Jamal Lewis BV$8
    00 Topps Season Opener Jamal Lewis BV$2
    01 Pacific Dynagon Chris Chambers BV$5
    01 Pacific Dynagon Top of the Class Santana Moss BV$3
    01 Impressions Rudi Johnson BV$5
    01 Impressions Will Allen BV$5
    01 Impressions Renderings Chris Weinke BV$4
    01 Press Pass Chris Weinke BV$2
    01 Press Pass Chris Chambers BV$2
    01 Score Chris Weinke BV$4
    01 Score David Terrell BV$4
    02 Fleer Ashley Lelie BV$4
    02 Fleer Johnathon Wells/Adrian Peterson BV$5
    02 Score David Carr BV$8
    02 Score Eric Crouch BV$3
    02 Score T.J. Duckett BV$3
    02 Score Ashley Lelie BV$4
    02 Score Donte Stallworth BV$4
    02 Score Julius Peppers BV$3
    03 Score Kyle Boller BV$3
    03 Score Chris Simms BV$2
    03 Score Chris Brown BV$2
    03 Score Taylor Jacobs BV$1
    03 Score Justin Gage BV$1
    03 Score Jason Witten BV$1.50
    03 Score Andrew Williams BV$1
    03 Score William Joseph BV$1
    03 Topps Marcus Trufant BV$3
    03 Topps Chaun Thompson BV$1
    03 Topps Artose Pinner BV$2

    88 Donruss Roberto Alomar BV$2
    89 Donruss Curt Schilling BV$2
    89 Topps Randy Johnson BV$2
    91 Upperdeck Michael Jordan BV$10
    91 Upperdeck Luis Gonzalez BV$2
    92 Topps Shawn Green BV$2
    92 Upperdeck Shawn Green BV$2
    92 Upperdeck Manny Ramerez BV$3
    98 Upperdeck Retro Troy Glaus BV$5
    99 Skybox Pat Burrell BV$3
    99 Upperdeck MVP Pat Burrell BV$2
    00 Pacific Omega Kazuhiro Sasaki BV$2
    01 Topps Tsuyoshi Shinjo BV$3

    93-94 Stadium Club Frequent Flyer Chris Webber BV$8
    96-97 Collector's Choice Allen Iverson BV$5
    97-98 Flair Showcase Tracy McGrady BV$15
    97-98 SP Authenic Ron Mercer BV$8
    99-00 Upperdeck MVP Elton Brand BV$4
    02-03 Stadium Club Darius Songalia BV$3
    02-03 Stadium Club Tayshaun Prince BV$4

    LMK if you are interested in all or just some of the rookies.

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