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    2 Arod Autos FT/FS and 2 Clemens Autos FT/FS

    I have 4 real nice cards FT or FS
    03 UD Playball Auto jersey/285 BV 150
    02 SP Authentic Chirography/391 BV 120

    03 Sweet Spot SP/73 BV 150
    97 Donruss Signature Millenium Marks/400 BV 120
    Pics are on my site and I am looking for autos of nomar, bond, ripken and most star autos. Will sell for the right price. LMK your offers.

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    BoSox - would be interset in getting one of both players but the one that I like the most would be the Clemens 03 Sweet Spot PLease take a look at my trade page and LMK. Have a Garciaparra Threads card from Leaf Limited /25

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    i could trade the arod sp authentic for the prior classics auto LMK

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    03 Sweet Spot SP/73 BV 150

    Interested in this, please check out my site and let me know if you see anything

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    i like
    mark mcgwire auto bat
    joe dimaggio auto
    if these two are available what can i add to get them

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