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    2001 private stock artist's canvas a-rod bv=25 for trade

    i'm looking to get game used or autos in return..if you have somethiing on my wantlist, that helps :)


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    I'll give you a 2002 Topps Total Jose Offerman for it. PLMK.


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    ummmm, the offerman books 0.20...the a-rod books 25.00. besides i'm looking to get game used or autos in return.

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    Well gee, you expect me to give you a $25 GU for a Juan Pierre common card. This offer is just as good. Are you that stupid or don't you understand things?


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    gawd, you must be the dumbest kid, i never offered you the pierre for the cabrera straight up. read thee damn post correctly..i said ii waas interested in the cabrera jersey.

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    Then you said you wont trade a common Pierre for a base/insert card which means you want GU/autos for a common card. You are pretty dumb.


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    are you an idiot or are you just acting like one? obviously the pierre won't be acceptable for game used/autos straight up so we would have to make this a bigger i have to spell everything out for you?

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    look, I don't want to make a bigger trade. Read my thread. Looking for Juan Pierre cards...Not looking for a common of Pierre from a moron who wants to make a huge trade. Got it?


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    omg, this is too hilarious...i'm arguing with a kid who just sounds dumber and dumber, just stop man.

    when you are just wanting juan pierre cards, then say something in regards to just wanting pierre cards in a post TO ME.
    who's the moron when YOU think i would trade a juan pierre common for a gamee used/auto? i think everyone here knows that no one is stupid enough to even think about ...of course except you.

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