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    last one tonite..1st person to offer a Andy Marte or Joe Mauer

    This is a nice one...1st person to offer me a Andy Marte card that books at least $5.00 or a 02 Bowman Joe Mauer will get a 02 Fleer Triple Crown Rafael Palmeiro #80 HR Parallel serial #d 17/47 beckett online BV-$20.00 AND a 02 Fleer Platinum Cornerstones Rafael Palmeiro/Fred Mcgriff insert serial #d 1582/2000, BV-$6.00,
    first reply gets it..better hurry!

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    02 Topps and 03 Topps Mauer?:D
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    sorry, i just cant do it, these 2 are real nice and I am gonna take a hit, i hope to get at least a Bowman outta this one..or a $5.00 or better Marte
    Thanks though!

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    I don't have a $5.00 Marte plus I'm really not interested in the Palmeiro cards but I do have 4 Marte cards that I've found if you're interested.

    2003 Bowman # 255 (2)
    2003 Topps # 300
    2003 Topps 205 # 132

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    Ilike them all, did you want the Palmeiro cards for them or something else, but it wont be a good as a offer as listed above, but I could get you some of your wants, LMK

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    Mike, like I said above, I'm really not interested in Palmeiro. I just figured I'd tell you what I had. I'd rather trade for something else from one of my players.

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    Would you do one of the Bowman and one 03 Topps #300 for a 02 Donruss Best of Fan Club Kerry Wood #296, serial #d 1821/2025, BV-$6.00

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    I already have 1881/2025

    I'll hold these for you, I'm gonna go to bed. See what you can come up with & send me a pm.
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