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    looking to trade for vick,Portis or Leftwich-willsell via paypal also. Nice Auto's/GU

    Looking for Vick,Portis and Leftwich only or will sell via paypal. E-mail directly at with any offers.


    Tee Martin Rookie AUTO-2000 SP Authentic(sign of the times #TM)BV$20
    Josh Mccown Auto-2002 Press Pass Je-BV $20
    Qadry Ismail Auto-2000 finest (finest Moments Refractor Auto #FM24) BV $20
    Drew Brees AUTO-2003 SP Game Used(Significant Signatures #013/50) BV $80
    William Green Auto/RC-2002 U.D. Graded #193(#064/250) Graded BGS 9 Mint BV $60 Plus(PSA grading is $60) Want $80 trade
    Justin Cage AUTO/RC-2003 Finest #369/999 BV$20
    Justin Fargas Auto/RC-2003 SP Signature Edition(blue in) #FA-BV $???
    Ken Dorsey Auto/RC-2003 SP Signature Edition #KD (RED INK # 084/100) NO BV -want $50 minimum.
    Ken Dorsey Auto/RC-2003 SP Signature Edition Blue Ink Auto). NO BV YET $$???
    Drew Brees Rookie Auto-2001 U.D. Graded Rookie Autographs-BV $120
    Anthony Thomas Rookie Auto-2001 Fleer authority Auto #ed/500-BV $25
    Drew Brees Auto/RC-2001 Pacific Dynagon Auto/RC #048/499-Bv $100
    Andre Davis Auto/RC-2002 Playoff Contenders #105(#257/510) BV $60
    Ken Dorsey Rookie Auto-2003 Sage #A14(Silver # 113/140) BV $40
    Quentin Griffin Auto/RC-2003 SP Signature Edition(Blue Ink ) BV ???
    Jerry Porter Auto/RC-2000 Playoff contenders #120—BV $60


    Byron Leftwich RC-2003 Topps Pristine # 66 (Gold Refractor # 48/75) No BV Yet-Make Offer
    Willis Mcgahee Jersey/RC-2003 Playoff Honors #230 ( # 08/25) BV TOO RARE- Want $125 trade
    Chris Chambers Rookie Jersey-2001 SP Games Used Edition #111(#102/500) BV-$40
    Josh Mccown RC-2002 SPX(Winning Materials WMRJM- GOLD # 24/50) BV $40
    Joey Harrington/Drew Brees -2003 Ultimate #UDJHB Dual Jerseys (Gold # 10/25) BV $TOO RARE want $120 Trade.
    Chris Weinke RC-2001 U.D. Graded(Jersey #55) Graded BGS 9.5 GEM MINT-BV $80
    Chris Weinke RC-2001 SP Game Used Edition(Authentic Fabrc #92-- #237/500) BV $25
    Jeremy Shockey RC-2002 Finest #87 graded BGS 9.5 GEM MINT-BV $60
    Peyton Manning/E. James/Harrison GU/ 3 Ball Piece-2001 U.D. Top Tier(Tri-Stars #3SIC) BV$40
    Peyton Manning Jersey-2001 SPX Winning Materials #WMPM-BV $30
    Willian Green RC-2002 SPX #144( #0112/1500) BV $25
    William Green RC-2002 Leaf Certified-#113(GOLD # 23/25 Ball piece)(have scan) BV $120
    Ken Dorsey RC-2003 SP Signature Edition #101(#309/750)BV$???
    Chris Chambers Jersey/RC-2001 Fleer Genuine #131(#022/1000) BV$25
    Ladainian Tomlinson/Drew Brees -2001 Playoff Honors(Rookie Tandems Jerseys #RT-3-BV $60
    David Carr/Joey Harrington Rookie Jerseys-2002 U.D. Honor Roll(Field Generals #FGCH) BV $40
    L. Tomlinson/Drew Brees Rookie Jerseys-2001 Titainium(Double Sided Jerseys #29) BV $40
    Drew Brees RC-2001 Finest #127(Graded GEM MINT 10)-have scan BV $80
    Rex Grossman RC-2003 Leaf Rookies + Stars(Masks-#RM4-- #096/350) BV $???
    Rex Grossman RC-2003 Playoff Honors (Rookie Gems Jersey #170/700) BV $25
    Rex Grossman RC-2003 Boman(Fabric of the Future # FA-RG- BV $20
    Anthony Thomas RC-2001 Fleer Hot Prospects(Draft Day Postmarks #0189/1875) BV $30
    Deuce Mcallister/M. Bennett Ball RC-2001 Playoff Honors(Rookie Tandems/Ball #RT-11)BV $40
    Brett Favre/M., Brunell GU-2002 U.D. Honor Roll(Offensive Threats Dual Jerseys #OT-BF)BV $40
    Jesse Palmer RC-2001 Leaf Rookies+ Stars #204(longevity #10/25) BV $40
    Marshall Faulk-2001 U.D. Graded(graded jerseys #MF) BV $25
    Kurt Warner RC-99 Leaf Rookies + Stars #288 BV $30
    Kurt Warner-99 Fleer Focus(Feel the Game Jersey #10FG) BV $60
    Kurt Warner-2002 Fleer Premium(All Pro Team Jerseys)BV$20
    Donovan Mcnabb-99 upper deck(highlight zone #Z17)Bv$30
    Chad Johnson/Rudi Johnson-2001 Fleer Tradition(rookie Retro Threads/ Ball #51)Bv$30

    Misc GU +/RC + inserts under $20

    Kyle Boller RC-2003 U.D. Patch Collection #121—BV$ 12
    Ashley Lelie RC-2002 SP Authentic(threads #AT1-Al) BV $15
    David Carr RC-2002 U.D. XL #502 BV $12
    David Carr RC-2002 Playoff Prestige #151-BV$ 15
    Joe Montana-2000 Donruss(alltime Gridiron Kings #GK-1)( 0537/2500) BV $12
    Joey Harrington RC-2002 Playoff Prestige #153-BV $15
    Fred Taylor RC-1998 Upper Deck #8—BV $10
    Fred Taylor-2002 Topps Gallery( Gallery Originals Jersey #GO-FT) BV $12
    Andre Davis RC-2002 Fleer Showcase #158(#1148/1500) BV $12
    Taylor Jacobs RC-2003 Fleer Showcase #104(Avant Card #649/650) BV $12
    Kordell Stewart-2001 Fleer Focus(Property of-Jersey-White)BV $15
    Brett Favre-2003 Fleer Authentix(Ticket Studs ) BV $10
    Travis Prentice-2001 Fleer Gametime(Uniformity Jersy #TP) Bv $12
    Andre Davis Rc-2002 SP Legendary Cuts #121(#259/500) BV $12
    Peyton Manning-98 Upper Deck(Constant Threat #CT2) BV $10
    Herman Moore-2001 Pacific #151(Hobby LTD #87/99) BV $12
    Shaun King RC-99 Playoff Contenders SSD #178(#1367/1825) BV $15
    Chris Weinke-2001 Leaf Rookies + Stars(Freshman Orientation-jersey #FO-4) BV $15
    Bruce Nelson-2003 Topps All American- Fabric #FA-BN BV $10
    Kevin Dyson-99 Leaf Certified #95(mirror Red) BV$10
    Fred Taylor-2002 Topps Gallery Jersey(original relic#GOFT)Bv$12
    Josh Mccown RC-2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #140(1602/2002)BV$12
    Josh McCown-2002 Upper Deck Authentics(glory Bound Jersey #GBJJM)BV$10
    Dennis Northcutt 2000 EX #115(1368/1500) BV$10
    Ike Hilliard-97 Topps Chrome #R161(refractor)BV$15
    Edgerrin James RC-99 Skybox Pemium #222 BV $15
    Fred Taylor-98 upper deck #8 BV$10
    Thomas Jones RC-2000 EX #133(1025/1500)Bv$12

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    i would be interested in one of the dorsey autos. what is the cheapest you would sell one, lmk thanks.

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    i have one 2003 Sp Signature edition Byron Leftwhich rc card#169 serial numbered 391/750 lmk if you want it would put on ebay if you really want it

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    What do you want in trade for the leftwich?

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    William Green RC-2002 Leaf Certified-#113(GOLD # 23/25 Ball piece)(have scan) BV $120
    Joey Harrington/Drew Brees -2003 Ultimate #UDJHB Dual Jerseys (Gold # 10/25) BV $TOO RARE want $120 Trade.
    Willis Mcgahee Jersey/RC-2003 Playoff Honors #230 ( # 08/25) BV TOO RARE- Want $125 trade
    Drew Brees Auto/RC-2001 Pacific Dynagon Auto/RC #048/499-Bv $100
    didnt really see anything else lmk

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    i would sell that on ebay for you i also have a
    -2003 Sp Signature Edition Carson Palmer RC #200 Serial Numbered 046/250
    -2003 Sp Signature Edition Arnaz Battle RC Auto
    -2003 SP Signature Edition Dual Autos Aaron Brooks/Kareem Kelly RC Serial Numbered 04/75 lmk on that
    onther two base cards are jerome bettis and deuce staley

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    Is the leftwich the Auto/Rc or just the regular RC. If it is not the Auto, it is not worth one of my cards you listed. If it is I, may make a trade. Actually, it is not the Auto version, because I have a few Auto's and the card numbers are actually letters. your leftwich may be worth $50-60 and no more. Look at 2003 sp game used edition and the leftwich is $60 and those are numbered to 600, yours is numbered to 750, so it is probably $50.

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