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    Ok BRAVES fans who has Marquis, Wainwright & King AUTO's?

    Ok. I'm not happy about the trade but I now need an auto from each of these players:

    Adam Wainwright
    Ray King
    Jason Marquis

    I have these Drew & Marrero auto's available:


    2000 Fleer Autographics
    2001 Sp Authentic Chirography
    1999 SPX #352/1999
    2000 Fleer Tradition FreshInk


    1998 Donruss Signature

    Thank you

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    Are you looking for certified autos? I got Wainwright here in Orlando playing with Greeneville. He signed 3 for me. LMK!


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    Man Knightfam, we are on the same boat...
    Erik :(
    Last edited by cardinalfan15; 12-13-2003 at 09:49 PM.

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    i have a jason marquis just minors auto #/200, lmk if either of you are interested. looking for angels, team topps or udpp autos

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    I am interested in one of you drew autos....check my site...Idon't have any of those guys but see if you see anything.

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    I posted this on the Bench but I will go ahead and put it here to...I need this one..

    2001 Sp Authentic Chirography Jd Drew

    The only things I have are these:

    1997 Bowman Jason Marquis RC
    2000 Bowman Adam Wainwright RC...

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    sjncomic: Yes, I only need certified auto's

    cardinalfan15: So now we not only STILL need pitching but we need a 1B, a legitimate 2B, a RF, a decent backup catcher and a bench. But we got Ray King & Jason Marquis! Ooo-wheeee!!!

    halonut: I have tried trading with you a couple times now for that stupid Braden Looper auto, so it is apparent that I have nothing you need

    DTrain: Didn't see anything. Thank you

    cbethun1: Thanks anyway

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    ummm, there's really no use in complaining about which positions you are weak in...EVERY team is weak in 3 categories or more, besides you just saved a lot of money. for a fan of your team, you're definitely not that supportive.

    even i'm happy we're getting jeff weaver (or it's safe to assume).

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    Ummmmm....I believe that was directed at cardinalfan15 (that is why it says "cardinalfan15" in front) & not you. I didn't ask you for your criticism...I asked for your auto cards. If you have a trade offer then offer it.

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