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    1st person to offer me a Andy Marte or Joe Mauer will get..

    The First person to offer me a Andy Marte that books for at least $3.00 or a 02 Joe Mauer that books for at least $3.00 will get these 2 nice RC's, a 89 Donruss Rated Rookie Ken Griffey jr MINT BV-$8 AND a 90 Doruss Sammy Sosa RC BV-$8, first reply gets um!

    keep watching, I picked up a Game used card that I am gonna offer for a similar post!

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    2002 Topps Joe Mauer RC...BV $4

    lemme know!


    also have a 2003 Topps Heritage Joe/Jake Mauer, and a 2003 Topps Chrome Joe Mauer/Justin Morneau!

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    I will give you both for the 02 Topps Mauer, pm me your address

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