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    Anyone interested in a 1989 Bowman Bonds BCCG 10 ?

    I have a 1989 Bowman Barry Bonds # 426 (his first Bowman card) BCCG (Beckett Collector's Club) 10 !

    I'm looking for something from a player in my sig.

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    how'd you end up with this card? Did it come in a dutch auction or something?

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    LOL, no I bought a Tri-Star $10 pack at the All-Star Fanfest in Chicago this summer & that was the guaranteed graded card I got. I actually bought 2 of these but the other card is probably worth less than the wrapper it was in..... 1990 Topps Darryl Strawberry. Why in the hell would they grade this piece of crap ?

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    LOL, why would they even grade the strawberry? I'd trade for it, but not sure if it's even worth the stamp to send it LOL :D

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    Yeah, that's the bad will be more than just 1 stamp because of the weight.

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    id be interested in the bonds...check my site....what bv are you lookin??


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    I need this card :

    2003 Topps Chrome Refractor # 176 #'d 012/699 Mark Prior

    Can we work somrhting out ?


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    Sure Rick, what does the Bonds bv.......lmk...
    Well work something


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    I don't know, that's the thing since the Bonds isn't a RC Beckett doesn't list a price for it. I just figured since it is graded a 10 that it should raise the price somewhere between 5x-10x. I think the raw card lists at $1.25

    If anyone else has any info on how to figure the pricing of a non RC graded card, please post.

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    a bccg 10 is similaar to a bgs 9/psa 9 so if thee regular books at 1.25 the graded "mint" would be around 2-3.00.

    it does not raisee the value by 5x-10x....even a true rc graded a bccg 10/bgs 9/psa 9 doesn't raise it by that much.

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