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    Looking to bang out a bunch of trades today! 1st Marte or Mauer gets..

    I start a new job tomorrow morning and it is 12hr days, so my time is gonna be cut in half on here, I will be off wed. and Thus. and my trading will pick back up on my days off but in the mean time I want to lug out a bunch today!

    1st person to offer me a Andy Marte with BV of at least $3.00 or any 02 Joe Mauer will get a 02 Fleer Triple Crown Rafael Palmeiro #80 HR Parallel serial #d 17/47, Beckett online BV-$20,
    Thanks and first reply gets it

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I have a bowman gold draft, bowman draft and bowman chrome draft of mauer. will do all three

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    Great!! sound like a trade to me!, I will post it and I already have your address, card will be sent tomorrow!

    LMK if you need my address again

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