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    Looking for Juan Acevedo and Daryle Ward cards

    Probaly 2 of the worst players in the bigs, but they have been signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates and I need about 50 cards each of them. I am only looking for basecards. I hit the Pirates camps every year as my mother in law lives right next door. So any cards I get I plan on getting them signed. Any help is much appreciated. I am looking to trade for any amount of cards you have of these 2.
    I would also be interested in any cards of the following Pittsburgh Pirates.
    Bryan BUllington
    Sean Burnett
    Bobby Bradley
    JR House
    Joe Beimel
    Freddy Sanchez
    Bobby Hill
    Oliver Perez
    Cory Stewart
    John Vanbenschoten.

    Again I do appreciate any help.

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    I got a 96 Topps RC of Ward. PLMK if you need it.

    BTW, Juan Acevedo is TERRIBLE!


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    i have thee 2001 donruss signature (non auto) joe beimel #/800 rc. i can sell it for 3.00 delivered.


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    Oh I knew he had to be if the Pirates signed him. Is the 96 card a prospect card with 3 other players?

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    Pujolsmussina would you want to make a trade?
    I have no extra money with Christmas coming.

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    Yeah, it also has Sexson, Owens and Bonnici on it.


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    This is what I have:

    Daryle Ward:
    2001 Topps Stars #27 x2
    2003 Leaf #173

    Bobby Bradley:
    2001 Bowman Chrome #274
    2001 Stadium Club #177
    2001 Topps Traded #T155

    2001 Bowman Chrome #284

    Freddy Sanchez:
    2003 Donruss Champions #38
    2003 Fleer Tradition #325
    2003 Choice #1 (from Pawtucket Red Sox Team Set, AAA)

    Oliver Perez:
    2003 Upper Deck #23

    PLMK, thanks...

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    lol, i didn't realize you got daryl ward from us....waard was THEE worst pinch hitter for thee dodgers.....that's 1 big leeaguer who has no upside at all...he was at least half decent with houston....but geez he actually made the dodgers hitting w orse coming off the bench last

    and juan acevedo isn't that bad...he did wel with the tigers....i'd say ward is the worse of the 2...

    anyway back to the beimel, i can consider a trade but what would you be able to trade?

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    I have some 03 Bowman Gold is that what your looking for in trade?

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    It really depresses me watching other teams at least sign players that are decent and the Bucs go and trade everyone away late last year and sign players like Acevedo and Ward. Buc's are even trying to trade Kendall.
    I sent you a PM back on the Pujols #. Are you looking for any of Mussina cards?

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