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Thread: national championship game

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    I voted for OK

    can the LSU defense and offense duplicate what the Kansas St. team did?

    I don't think they can

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    i do not know what kind of offense LSU is going to run but i know that the defense can shut down ou offense.

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    i voted for LSU because after OU got smacked around by Kansas ST, it made me think if OU deserves being #1 at that time. LSU will definately stop OU's offense. I don't know about LSU's offense, but thats a start. By the way, why isn't the #1 USC team in the Sugar Bowl (championship)?

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    'nuff said ;)

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    I don't care about the National Championship game USC deserves to be in it. For freaking sakes how can you be #1 in AP and polls and not be #1 in the BCS. BCS needs to go. Down twith the BCS whos with me? I'll have more interest in the Rose Bowl now there is a game worth watching for the National Championship. USC vs Michigan. Its good that tradition could happen PAC10 vs BIG10. My breaston and the Wolverines will be gettin that trophy!

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