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Thread: Minnesota, Waite Park 11/3

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    Minnesota, Waite Park 11/3

    American Legion, 10-4, 20T - Dave Thomes 320-492-0183

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    I just got home from this show... Not too bad, picked up a few nice cards... Ill post the New Stuff soon

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    Did you go to the show because of this post? If so, tell them where you saw it.

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    hoeser - I actually have set up at the show before, so Im on dudes mailing list... And my local shop has flyers for this show too. But I thought it was cool, that are small little show made the post. I assume you do them from Beckett? I think its cool, cause If I didnt pick up the Baseball beckett, Id be able to find them here...


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    If you get a chance let us see your stuff that you scored at the show. Thanks for the shout out as I would like to start seeing people as yourself share their experience of the show. We all know it fun to go to shows to trade, chat, etc. as it always better as you can see the card. Might not always have a ebay selection but you know what your getting upfront, no non payee's, a live person to talk to, guest to sign, friends to meet, boxes to bust, etc. So all in all shows are where the true blood of cards lie.

    p.s. Of course I would love to see some of the goodies.

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